Monday, April 15, 2013

What's with all the Nickelback hatin'?

Man, people sure do fucking hate Nickelback. It's unreal the backlash this band gets. I don't even think the likes of Justin Bieber get that kind of backlash. Hell, I'm not even sure Chris Brown gets that kind of hatred and he's not only a mediocre musician but also a violent sociopath.

Now, I'm by no means a Nickelback fan. I don't own any of their albums, I can't even imagine myself attending a Nickelback concert, and the closest thing to a Nickelback song I have on my MP3 is that Hero song Chad Kroeger did for the Spider-man movie, and that has a lot more to do with my love for the web slinger than Mr. Kroeger. There are a couple of Nickelback songs I like, I don't love them, I just like them. Someday and How You Remind Me. When they come on the radio I enjoy them. Also in the interest of full disclosure and knowing where I'm coming from I should say that I don't really like modern rock in general. I'm more of a pop, r&b, and even rap guy. With only a handful of exceptions most rock to me sounds like...well, it sounds like Nickelback. Until you get into the really hard stuff, at which point it just sounds like noise to me.

The single biggest objection I hear to Nickelback from my rock loving friends is "They don't even write their own songs!" to which I always find myself saying "And?" I honestly do not understand what the fuck that has to do with anything. Either you like the music or you don't, what the hell does it matter that they didn't write it. Chad Kroeger is a singer. That's his job. You can certainly debate how good he is at his chosen profession, but still I fail to see how song writing is automatically in his job description. I never hear this in other forms of art and entertainment. No one calls directors hacks just because they didn't write the screen play. No one calls comic book pencilers hacks because they didn't also write and ink the book.

Again, I'm by no means on Team Nickelback here. If you say Nickelback sucks because you hate their music I certainly understand that, although I'm still not sure how it's much different than 90% of what you hear on rock stations, but if you want to hate Nickelback for high and mighty reasons of them not meeting an arbitrary standard of artistic purity I don't get it. Being mad because Chad Kroeger is just a singer and nothing more seems silly to me. You might as well yell at your pizza delivery guy for not being the guy who cooked it for you.

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