Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Brother White (2012)

So my quest to find a non sucky Christian movie (other than The Passion) continues. So far I've looked at Fireproof, Courageous, Flywheel, Escape from Hell, and Time Changer. Not let's take a look the fish out of water "comedy", Brother White.

This is the story of James White, an associate pastor at a big mega church who ends up reassigned to be the pastor of a tiny poor little black church in Atlanta. So he has to take his wife, named Lily White (get it?), and his two spoiled upper middle class kids who's names I don't remember because I never once was made to care about them in this movie, and moves them to this impoverished black community. And you can imagine that wacky hi jinks ensue, or at least they would if the makers of this comedy remembered to put any actual jokes in it. But that's not all, it turns out this poor as dirt church can't pay it's bills, so we gotta have a benefit concert to raise the money or the "evil" banker will foreclose on them.

This didn't have to suck this bad, it really didn't. There were a few talented comedic actors in this. I mean it's got the dad from Family Matters in it. But they had NOTHING to work with here. There were like 3 or 4 moments that made me chuckle, and I think that was just me growing desperate to find some humor here. For the most part this movie goes back and forth between "emotional" moments that were just boring and "comedic" moments that were just awkward and painful. Maybe if you would have taken the gloves off and gone R with the humor or at least PG-13 or PG you could have gotten something out of this. The premise certainly has potential even if it is a bit tired and over done. But as it stands this was a waste of 88 minutes and personally I was rooting for the banker.

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