Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Iron Man 3 (2013)

I will try to be light on spoilers as possible here. I won't get into a full plot synopsis or anything, but there will be some spoilers, including a major twist so consider yourself warned.

Superhero movie franchises tend to fall apart by the 3rd one. In fact, I can't think of a single really good 3rd movie for any superhero movie series. Batman Forever was a campy mess, X-Men 3 was a train wreck. I didn't think Spider-man 3 was as bad as everyone said but it still wasn't good, and The Dark Knight Rises was disappointing to say the least. So could Iron Man 3 overcome this pattern?

Yes. This was a pretty damn good movie. I was wondering how you would really go back to a solo Iron Man movie after the Avengers, wouldn't it feel like a step back? Wouldn't it feel like when he's in danger why doesn't he call up his super buddies? Well, this movie does a good job of handling that. I shows Tony suffering from anxiety attacks and probably even PTS after the events of the Avengers movies. He talks about how he still has a hard time dealing with it all, "aliens and gods and other dimensions and I'm just a man in a can" he says. Also his feud with the Mandarin gets rather personal so it makes sense he wouldn't want to farm it out.

As for the Mandarin himself, he at first seems to be a compelling amalgamation of all various terrorists and enemies to America. But once Tony corners him we find out he is simply a drug addicted British Actor, that I swear Ben Kingsley modeled a little after Russel Brand. Turns out the Mandarin is basically a fiction created by A.I.M to draw attention away from themselves. While I can understand why some fans may be turned off by that change I thought it was a downright brilliant twist.

The movie certainly wasn't flawless. There was a big battle scene at the end where Tony calls out all his other armors to fight as drones, but once he did it the question of why he didn't do that sooner became rather glaring to me. Also the U.S. government sends Rhodes, now calling himself Iron Patriot instead of War Machine (because it tested better with focus groups) to find the Mandarin. But I wondered why the government wouldn't also involve Captain America. I minor complaint I suppose but it bugged me. It would have been nice to mention it, like have them say something like "he's busy" or "we can't get a hold of him" but then I kinda thought the same thing about War Machine during Avengers. Also the post credits scene was a big let down. I expected something cool and jaw dropping like we see MODOK in an A.I.M. lab or Fin Fang Foom rising from the ocean or at least a lead in to the upcoming Ant-Man movie. But no, the teaser scene was just Tony telling he events of the movie to Bruce Banner like a therapy session. Lame.

All and all though this was a damn good superhero movie and easily the best super hero number 3 I've ever seen. So what are you waiting for? Go see this movie.

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  1. IRON MAN FTW!!!! Really good movie but it would have been nice to see fin fang foom :) maybe soon!