Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Sonic Megamix

In my area we have a small local chain of video game stores called Just Press Play. They stock not only current system stuff but also things going back to even Atari. So I love to get retro games there and the other day I saw this there in a display case and it caught my eye. What the hell was this? Shadow the Hedgehog didn't even exist when the Genesis was out. And Mighty the Armadillo was only on the 32X Knuckles' Chaotix game, not a Genesis game. Was I looking at a time/space anomaly? What alternate reality did they pull this from.

Well, I had to get this. Turns out this is a bootleg pirated game made by some guys calling themselves Team Megamix. There are apparently different versions of this, some have Tails and Knuckles as well as Sonic, Shadow, and Mighty. This one only has the three on the cover.

There game is a remix of Sonic 1. Each level is based off of the levels in that game but the color scheme and layout is different. Each of the three characters have different powers using the A button, so it's more than just a sprite change. Sonic can follow a line of rings like he does in more recent Sonic games, Shadow can boost using his rocket boots while running and Mighty can collect shields. The game has four different shields, the basic kind from Sonic 1 and the fire, water, and lightning shields from Sonic 3. Mighty can actually collect an inventory of shields and cycle through them using the A button.

The biggest downside to this game is it is a real bitch at times. These Megamix guys have filled these levels to the damn brim with badniks and spikes and lots of really cheap and downright annoying traps. Also there is a classic mode which allows you to simply play some of Sonic 1, but with Mighty or Shadow. In that mode there are no powers, so it's just a sprite change there. Plus it's only the first two levels of Sonic 1. The other downside is lag. There is at times so many damn badniks or whatnot on the screen that my tired old Genesis really can't handle it.

This game didn't come cheap. Let's just say I could have gotten a brand new XBox 360 game for what I paid. But for a hardcore Sonic fan like myself it was worth every penny.

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