Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Linkara's recent hissy fit, and why I agree with him (mostly)

Comic book reviewer Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug recently made quite the stir with a video denouncing Adblock and those who use it. After watching it I thought "He's right, but damn what a douche."

Here's the deal with things like Adblock. Youtube, Blip, and many many other free sites you enjoy can't continue to exist without advertisements. He's right when he says that. But damn, this six minute whine fest was downright painful to watch. He talks about how this is his only job and he wouldn't have time to do this show and have a real job. You know what, in the current economy Lewis, I don't think a lot of people are going to be concerned you might not be able to keep reading comic books and bitching about them as your full time job. Boo fucking hoo my friend. Also, after lecturing his fans that blocking the ads is basically like stealing from him, he tells them if they don't like the ads just mute them and ignore them until they're over. Following your logic there buddy, isn't that kinda like stealing from your sponsors?

It's sad because the man has a real and valid point, but he undercuts it with his douchebagery. He should have simply said "Guys, if you block the ads, I don't get paid. So if you want this show to continue I need you to please watch the ads. I'm giving you 20 minutes of free entertainment, watching a 30 second ad is all I ask" Instead he decided to try and give us a sob story and it just didn't work.

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