Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's on the radio: Can't Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

After the rather odd and unique song that was Thrift Shop I never would have expected Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to follow up that monster his with something like Can't Hold Us. I mean it's just another dance in the club song. This song is so amazingly generic it's hard to believe who it's from.

Now mind you, this is a pretty damn good dance in the club song, in fact it's better than any of the other dozen or so similar songs currently on the charts. But still, this is from the Thrift Shop guys? Macklemore does have some pretty interesting rhymes in this song, but he speeds through them so fast they're hard to catch until you've heard it multiple times or looked up the lyrics. And it is a damn catchy and fun song, but like I said, this is from the Thrift Shop guys?

With this hit it looks like Macklemore has avoided the one hit wonder trap, but this song has also convinced me that he will probably never be able to repeat the success of his first hit, and if that's true it's kinda sad to peak so soon.

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