Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: The Man of Steel (2013)

A year ago on this blog I predicted this movie would suck. Well, never let it be said I'm not able to admit when I'm wrong. This movie was pretty damn good. In fact I like it far better than any of the other Superman movies. Now just a heads up, there will be spoilers. As with Iron Man 3 I won't go into a full synopsis as to not give everything away, but I will be spoiling some things. Also if you go see this don't bother sitting through the credits, there is no post credits scene.

There was a lot of things that worked really well in this movie. I thought Zod was well fleshed out as a character and even a touch sympathetic in his motivations. Contrast that with Superman II where he's just an asshole for no apparent reason other than he can be. Also I really liked how the various military characters reacted to Superman. It wasn't blind trust but it wasn't blind xenophobic fear either. They were simply scared of this powerful being because he was so powerful. The casting was great, no complaints there. Also I loved the action sequences. There was a real sense of all this violence having a cost. People clearly died in this movie. The final fight between Superman and Zod was especially powerful. Supes had Zod in a headlock and Zod was about to incinerate some innocent people with his heat vision. You could see Superman's reluctance, he was practically begging Zod not to make him do it, then finally he snapped Zod's neck. Superman then fell to his knees and screamed out, you could really see the toll having to take a life like that took on him. I thought that was a very powerful scene and really one of the best in the movie.

It wasn't perfect and certainly had it's flaws though. The biggest problem with this movie, is it's too damn long. It seems like the opening scenes in Krypton go on forever and at points it feels like I'm watching one of the Star Wars prequels rather than Superman. Also the stuff of Clark wandering around finding his way in the world as a young man go on way too long as well. But really that's my only major complaint, the excessive padding and long run time. If you would have left about 30 minutes of the filler on the cutting room floor you would have taken this from a good movie to a great movie. As it stands I say go see it, if you're a Superman fan or even just a comic book fan I think you'll like this movie.

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