Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hero Spotlight: Edward Snowden

They say us Millennials are spoiled, selfish, shallow, and weak. They say we lack conviction and character. Of course the "they" that say that are Baby Boomers, the worst generation. The generation that bankrupted this country. The generation that has spent the last decade sending their sons, and worse yet their daughters, to bleed out in Mid-East sand. But that's a whole different topic. My point is one of us Millennials recently rose to the occasion in a big way and should be celebrated by anyone with a soul as a true hero, Edward Snowden.

This is the first time I've done a Hero Spotlight that wasn't on a fictional character and for good reason. This is the guy who, just in case you don't watch much news, exposed the NSA for the evil all seeing eye of Sauron that it is. This man gave up a well paying job to expose government wrong doing. He fled to Hong Kong to avoid the treason charges our corrupt government would love to levy on him. He has had to leave behind his girlfriend, friends, family, his whole damn life because he did the right thing. I pray to God should I ever find myself in his position I would have the courage to do what he did. And if you still don't appreciate what he sacrificed take a look at his girlfriend.
He left THAT behind to defend your 4th Amendment rights. And I am not kidding when I said he faces serious charges should uncle Sam get his filthy hands on him. On his twitter Senator Lindsey Graham called him a felon and said this.
By "we" of course Mr. Graham meant the troops he loves to send into harm's way for no good reason. Personally I hope for the day when corrupt shit bag Boss Hog politicians like Graham are brought to justice. Any American who values his or her freedom should be praising and thanking this young man for what he did. Thank you Mr. Snowden, I pray the Lord will protect you from the fury of the wicked men you've exposed.

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  1. I'm glad his ok and he did make the right choice. We all probably knew the government was spying on us but now we have solid proof to back it up. Also I'm sure his girlfriend if she loved him enough would go where he is to be with him and his family should respect him and agree with what he did. He mad a brave choice and people that respect him knows he did.