Monday, June 10, 2013

My own personal Hell, two and a half days without my phone.

I'm not allowed to have my cell phone on me at work due to security reasons (I work for a security printing company and thus I can't have any cameras or recording devices on me, which my phone of course has), so I have to keep it in my locker in the break room. And Friday I forgot to get it on my way out the door. By the time I realized this it was too late to go back for it, there is no evening or weekend shift there, the place is shut down by 6. I could have called my boss' cell and he probably would have met me there to let me get it, he's pretty cool like that, but I stupidly didn't have a hard copy of his number, I only had it saved in my phone. There was nothing I could do, I had no way to get my phone back until Monday morning. But hey, it's just a couple of days I thought, how bad could it be?

It was a nightmare. I went online to message a few of my closer friends to let them know what happened and I wasn't ignoring them and tried to take my mind off of it. Over and over again I found myself reaching for it in my back pocket. I felt wrong not having it, not checking it. I have a thing with some of my friends where we like to text each other random funny movie or TV quotes and I kept finding myself wanting to do that. Then came bed time, I would need to get up for my comic book stand at Saturday's Market. But I don't have an alarm clock, I use my phone for that. Hell, I don't even own a watch anymore, so all weekend long I was asking everybody what time it was. Luckily I found an old alarm clock in my closet, otherwise I would have been boned.

Then came Saturday. There I am at my stand with my best friend in the world and two other friends there and all I could feel was disconnected. Indeed that's what I felt all weekend, like I was just floating out in the ether. I felt like Zod in the Phantom Zone. Sunday was pretty much more of the same. When Monday morning came I couldn't wait to check my phone. I showed up 15 minutes earlier than normal just to have extra time to check it and charge it before work.

How did I become to dependent on this little thing. I'm old enough to remember when a cell phone seemed like a luxury, and kind of a silly one at that. And things like texting would have seemed completely ridiculous to me then. I'm certainly glad to have her back, but this weekend has shown me that I really need to take a long look at how I'm using it and how I've gotten too dependent on it. Also I really gotta back up these numbers into an address book.

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