Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review of the Week: Batman/Superman #1

Bad as this New 52 train wreck has been, it never ceases to surprise me with the depths it can sink to. Now we have a book featuring Superman and Batman meeting for the first time. Except that we already saw that in Justice League #1 and #2. So we can't keep two fucking years of continuity straight. And sure, the New 52 has had a shit ton of continuity errors, but nothing this big. This isn't contradicting something that happened in Dial H #3 or something. Justice League #1 was the first New 52 book. It doesn't get more major than that.

Well, I should say that maybe it doesn't contradict Justice League #1 because, even though I read this book twice, I'm still not sure what the fuck was going on in it. There is some opening stuff with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meeting then we eventually get to their alter egos meeting for the "first time", then there is a time skip or something. And Superman's dead Earthly father shows up. If anyone wants to explain what the hell was going on in the comments please do because I didn't get it.

The art is decent enough, Jae Lee has a very unique and dark style. Beyond the confusing story the writing was OK but nothing special. It's the same crap of contrasting Superman's light tone with Batman's dark tone that you've seen a million other times, usually done much better.

All and all you're much better off just reading Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness' Superman/Batman #1 from ten years ago.

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