Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Superman Unchained #1 and Mega Man #26

So here it is, the book DC is telling us we were waiting for. Our story starts, interestingly enough, in Japan during World War II. We see a plane dropping the nuke, but it wasn't a nuke, it was a glowy dude who caused the nuclear explosion. Then we cut to the present day, Superman is in space trying to get some astronauts out of a space station that is falling to Earth. And it's here we have an obnoxious ass pull out that you have to carefully peel off the adhesive if you don't want to rip or damage the comic you just spent $5 on. The art work in this pull out is good, as is the whole issue, but it didn't deserve this special treatment and it further confirms my opinion that this whole mini is, at least in part, a Jim Lee vanity project. But then to some extent so is the whole New 52. Anyways Superman is trying to figure out what is causing satellites and space stations to drop out of orbit. Then we reveal that Lois' father General Lane has our mysterious nuclear man from WWII in a cell on stand by. "The REAL Superman works for the government" He says.

There's obviously more to this issue than that, but I just find it rather hard to care. I fail to see how this is the comic event it's made out to be. Also I counted at least 10 different "rare" variants covers at my local comic shop. It's like DC actually wants to repeat every mistake of the 90s.
If you haven't already, check out my reviews for parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So this issue Sonic, Mega Man, Tails, and Rush continue to fight their way through the Skull Egg Zone, all the while bantering back and forth with each other. The encounter Shadow Man and the roboticized Shadow, also now called Shadow Man. Mega Man managed to de-roboticize Shadow and take his power and in a fit of rage he attacks the other Shadow Man. Sonic asks Shadow if he will help and he says no then uses his Chaos Control to teleport away, because Shadow is kind of a dick like that. Our heroes then fight and de-roboticize Blaze Woman and Silver Man, both of whom say their too tired to help. We cut to Dr Light in his cell. Suddenly Rouge the Bat shows up and tells him she's planning to undermine Dr Eggman's plans. She shows him a schematics of the station and asks if he can help her find weak points. She also tells him she's not busting him out yet as that would alert Eggman and Wily and that Light is safest where he is. We then cut to Proto Man and the Chaotix, Charmy, Vector, and Espio. They're being tracked by Knuckles Man and Rose Woman but the Doctors tell them to abandon that pursuit and go after Sonic and Mega Man, authorizing them to use self destruct if needed.

This crossover remains a blast. Last issue I complained that the pace seemed to be getting a little slow, this issue seems to have picked up a bit in that department. The dialogue between the various characters is great and really the strongest part of this issue. I do still wish more characters played bigger roles, it's a shame they work most of the Roboticized Masters out of the picture once they're dealt with. And I could do with seeing more Mega Man villains in this Skull Egg Zone. And also more classic Sonic villains since the Zone is an homage to old Mega Man and Sonic games. Other than that this is still a great read and if you're not reading it you should be.

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  1. I have to correct a mistake. I said Superman Unchained was a mini but it's been brought to my attention it's an ongoing. Although given Jim Lee's rather questionable work ethic, and that he is a major selling point to this series I predict it will suffer from countless delays before getting dropped around issue 10 or so.