Monday, June 24, 2013

So I guess you'll be giving back your paycheck then Jim?

As you might know Jim Carrey is in Kick Ass 2. Well, Sunday he decided to get on his twitter and drop these little nuggets of wisdom.

This is yet another example of Carrey's dimwitted anti-gun tantrums. As though it isn't idiotic enough to imagine that disarming law abiding citizens will lessen violent crime, now we're back on the "violent media" crap. This is one of the odd issues where big government liberals and pro family conservatives seem to agree. Remember just as many Democrat lawmakers went after things like gansta rap and video games back in the 90's as Republicans. I kind of hope the studio takes him to task for this. Odds are he has in his contract that he has to promote this movie. Also if he's so outraged by it I wonder if he gave back his paycheck. Somehow I doubt that. And I wonder if he has armed body guards, as most high profile celebrities do.

Nothing like moral posturing from Emma Stone's creepy stalker, who is best known for literally talking out of his ass.

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