Friday, June 28, 2013

What's on the radio: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

When I first heard the song "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons I was less than impressed. And multiple listens only cemented my low opinion of it. It just sounded like yet another one of these adult alternative whiny butt rock songs that are so prolific. I was pretty much ready to write this band off. Then I heard Radioactive.

Radioactive is an amazing song both in sound and lyrics. The actual music has a bit of house and electronica in it, and I really like the way the opening vocals chanting "whoaaaa" set a great tone and atmosphere for this song. The lyrics are rather cryptic but very interesting. While on the surface about an apocalypse and or a revolution it seems more to me to be about the sorrow of things collapsing and ending but also the hope of what can be built on the ashes. It could easily be applied both to any time of transition in a persons life and sadly at some point in my lifetime probably to this country.

I hope we hear more from Imagine Dragons, but more like this song and a lot less like "It's Time".

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