Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Am I in the "Manophere"?

I like to post in the comment threads on a Christian site called Breakpoint. A while back writer Eric Metaxas had an article on declining marriage rates. I made the point in the comment thread that a major factor for declining marriage rates are men opting out of marriage due to the way the family courts are stacked against us.

There is a reason men in my generation, the Millennials, are opting out of marriage. Due to the misandry of the family courts marriage is unquestionably a raw deal for men. Make no mistake, having a Y chromosome makes you a second class citizen in family law (and many other areas these days). Beyond the religious obligation what possible reason would a man have for legally tying himself to someone who, on a whim, can throw him out of his home, take half his money, and turn him into a life time wage slave in the form of alimony? Until this is addressed and reformed in the family courts system marriage will continue to decline.

It seems like a rather common sense observation to me. Well, it wasn't received very well to say the least. I was met with name calling, pleas to emotion, and virtually meaningless anecdotal evidence. No one actually disputed my claim mind you.

So a little bit later I read a post on divorce over at Chateau Heartiste and decided to share that Breakpoint thread in the comments. I had a little bit of back and forth with other commenters and then it fizzled, as comment threads tend to do. This was all about a month or so ago.

But then yesterday I was checking my blog traffic. I like to see what links people follow to get here. I find a bunch of hits from a post at Dark Brightness. He had discovered that Breakpoint thread due to a post at another blog called Captain Capitalism and it was brought to his attention through reader mail. Wow, this was actually spreading rather than fading. The once dead thread was actually gaining a couple of comments both of which were on my side. Commenter and I think moderator Gina Dalfonzo threw a thin layer of politeness over her disgust to ask this.

Hi, guys. I see The Bechtloff has been busy at some of the "manosphere" sites, inviting his friends over to comment here. (Google is our friend. :-) ) Is that what brought you two over?

Hmmm, well I wouldn't call posting one link in one comment thread "busy". It seems it was the manophere itself that was busy.

But that begs the question, is this blog part of the "manosphere"? Because a few people have accused me of that lately. Well, this certainly isn't a pick up artist blog, but that's not really what the manophere is. Vox Day's blog is considered a part of the manosphere and his is mostly on economics and politics. Mine is mostly on comics and other nerdy shit. But I do hold a strong level of contempt for third wave feminism and the lies it has spread. So maybe I am a manosphere blogger.

So welcome everyone, to the nerdiest corner of the manosphere.


  1. On the topic of marriage in the Christian manosphere, Dalrock's blog has the most information. http://dalrock.wordpress.com/

    Then there's

    And there are some women who actually get it:

    and Karen Straughan's youtube channel:

    Of course, if you know all this already..... never mind.

  2. Quick correction, I just noticed I actually posted two Breakpoint links in that Chateau Heartiste comment thread in the same back and forth with people. Still I wouldn't call that "busy".