Monday, July 15, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Lego Batman: The Movie.

I really loved Lego Batman 2, I even had it on my top 10 super hero video games list. Lego super heroes are funny, charming, and cute, so why stop at video games, why not an animated movie? I saw this on a discount rack the other day and figured it would be worth a shot. I knew it was based on the game and would follow the same story, but damn, I had no idea just how close. This so called movie is almost entirely made of cut scenes from the game. There is only a little bit of original material to replace some of the playable level parts. Some, mind you, not all. I haven't added up the minutes of anything but this is easily 80% cut scenes, if not close to 90%.

I can't say this is bad, it's just lazy. Making a Lego Batman or Lego DC animated movie is a good idea, but throwing all the game cut scenes together with the bare minimum required amount of new footage to make it work is a cheap cash in. What is the point of this? I could just play the damn game again. The most amusing part of this was the little exclusive Lego figure that came with it, Superman/Clark Kent. It's not even that cool a Lego figure really, it's just the coolest part of this waste of time.
I can't even call this bad per say, it's just lazy and pointless. If this would have been bonus material, say with one of those complete editions of the game where they add all the DLC that would be one thing, but calling this a movie is ridiculous. I payed $8 for this on a discount rack and frankly that was too much, it should have been like $5.

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