Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dynamic Duos: Spider-man and Wolverine

In Dynamic Duos I look at great partnerships in comics. I figured I would start with a personal favorite of mine, Spider-man and Wolverine. It's hard to see these two together and not have the 10 year old in you smile. These are, at least arguably, Marvel's top two most popular and recognizable characters. And yet surprisingly they don't have all that much of a history with each other. Part of that is due to the fact that Spider-man hasn't had all that close of a working relationship with the X-men over the years, but even riding solo Wolverine never seemed to team up with the wall crawler before Bendis made them both Avengers (Spidey was actually a reserve Avenger before then, but never full time).

This always struck me as odd. Why wouldn't Marvel have two of it's top characters team up more? Well, some might say that their personalities are too different, and yet many of the strongest friendships are forged not from what people have in common, but how they are different and therefore complement the other. Superman and Batman are a great example of that at DC. It always seemed to me that whenever these two teamed up, Wolverine treated Spider-man with a level of contempt. He seemed to treat him like a child. I get Wolverine is well over a century old, and on one level everyone is a kid, but this still didn't make sense to me. Spider-man might joke around, but he's more than proven himself the capable hero, and has handed Wolverine his ass on more than one occasion.
So Wolverine looking down on Spidey never rang true with me. It might have made sense in the Ultimate Universe where Peter was a teenager, but not in the regular Marvel Universe.

While these two have grown to respect and even like each other a lot more since being in the Avengers together, it still strikes me that I can't think of any really great Spider-man and Wolverine team up stories. There have been a few good ones, but none I have thought really lived up to the potential of what this team up can be. Perhaps when the whole Superior Spider-man status quo is undone and Peter is back in the webs him and Logan might bond a little bit more as Logan certainly knows what it's like to have his head messed with. I certainly hope so, because I feel this could be a far greater partnership than it has been in the past.

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