Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flash villains, who are you guys kidding?

Flash has some of the coolest villains in comics. His rouges gallery is almost up there with Spider-man or Batman. And yet, while they are great villains, they really make no sense as Flash villains. Some of them seem downright wasted on him. Murmur is a really cool serial killer character, but I don't buy for a second that a non powered nutbag with a knife is in the Flash's league. And guys like Captain Cold and Heatwave? Sure, a freeze gun is pretty cool (no pun intended) but not when you're up against a man who can shove it a foot and a half up your ass before you can even blink. Mirror Master seems like a decent enough threat to Flash, what with his access to that strange mirror dimension. But really there is only one of Flash's villains who ever really struck me as being a worthy opponent to the Scarlet Speedster. Reverse Flash.
Kind of sad when out of all your recurring villains I only really buy one of them as being a threat to you. And it's only because he's the classic "dark reflection" type villain.

Now I'm not saying Flash's other villains can't be threats to him. Any villain can be a threat to any hero in the right circumstances. If he sets up just the right trap, the Riddler could in theory kill Superman. But would you really buy Mr. Nigma as a threat to Supes again and again? I think Flash needs more villains who are strong brutes. Someone who can shrug off the thousand blows Flash can land in the blink of an eye. But maybe that's just this fanboy's opinion. I'll leave you with a pic from an old issue of Wizard of Flash's villains fighting Spider-man's villains. Because it's awesome.

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  1. The only comic I ever read so far that had a bit of reverse Flash was that Green Latnern trade. Flash has always been my favorite superhero growing up. Just the thought of running super fast is still cool to me. I'll have to get more Flash comics then :)