Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fox News fails again.

So if you haven't heard, Fox News infobabe Lauren Green was interviewing Reza Aslan about a book he wrote on Jesus. Ms. Green spent the entirety of the interview simply asking Aslan over and over again why a Muslin would write a book on Jesus. Now while it is a fair question, it doesn't mean it should be the only thing she manages to spout out. Farting out the same question over and over again like a babbling idiot is not an interview.

Now it's coming to light that this Aslan shithead was completely lying about his credentials in this interview. If Ms. Green would have actually done her job and did a little homework before interviewing him she would have known he has a degree in Philosophy not Religion. He's no damn expert on religion, he's a fucking Professor of Creative Writing for fuck's sake. Makes sense since it seems his book is a load of fiction. Guess I shouldn't be surprised that this talking pair of tits wasn't anything close to a real journalist she is just an infobabe after all. I think we all know how she got her job, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if these Fox bitches all had to make a personal visit to Old Man Rupert's casting couch before getting on the air. So this Aslan piece of shit gets away with being the lying scumbag he is because of Ms. Green's incompetence.

Thanks again for dropping the damn ball Fox.

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