Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello to all you new readers who hate me.

Oh, I know you're here. You see, one of the more fascinating things about having this blog in the past year or so has been seeing where the traffic comes from. And in the past week or so I have seen a pretty noticeable influx of hits from sources where I am not well liked. I post on various forums here and there, almost always under this name, The Bechtloff. And it's from those more heated threads I find a large amount of traffic this week.

I've had people in the last week actually read up on this blog and my twitter, seeking to confirm their low opinion of me. And what are the things that have caused people to hate little old me? I have stated that I think single women who get knocked up are irresponsible, I have dared to suggest that maybe a family court system that is heavily bias against men might discourage men from marrying, and I have suggested that maybe if you criticize things for a living you should have thick skin and be able to take criticism.

Many of these things I posted weeks and months ago, and yet somehow they all seem to be converging into a perfect storm of butthurt hatred this past week. These all seem like rather common sense observations to me, but people sure did get pissed. Oh I had my defenders and allies, but it still got a ton of backlash. Very few of these people ever came at me with anything resembling a logical argument, but rather attacked me personally or bitched about their feelings. Even at times when I left threads on message boards saying I was done with the topic and had enough the attacks would continue, with people posting links to this blog to prove what a jerk I am.

Now here's the thing, I don't say any of this with the hope of a pity party from any of my fans. No, I'm just fine. In fact I'm rather used to this. It's long been my lot in life to say the unpopular truth when no one else will and suffer scorn for it. No this is addressed to you, the hater. Like I said, I know you're here. So allow me to more formally introduce myself. I am The Bechtloff. And I say the thing that's the last thing you want to hear, because deep down you fear it's true. And you have no counter argument so you'll call me names because that makes you feel better. I don't want to hear it and probably won't listen. I will always be happy to entertain a logical argument as to why you think I'm wrong. But your indignant offended rage simply bores me. Logic, truth, and facts don't care how you feel and neither do I.

I am The Bechtloff, and here I sit, telling you things you might not want to hear. Oh, and talking about comics and movies.

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