Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some news from SDCC that caught my eye.

So it looks like the title to Avengers 2 will be Age of Ultron. Ultron's one of my favorite Marvel villains so I can't wait to see him on the big screen. I wonder if they will be able to mention Ultron having adamantium armor or if Fox has the rights to that metal through it's X-men license. Maybe it will be one of those grey areas where both can use it like with Quicksilver. Either way, let's hope this movie is considerably better than the Age of Ultron comic.
So DC officially announced a Superman/Batman movie. You know what DC, given how many abandoned movie projects you've had over the years, I'll believe it when I see a trailer. Hell this isn't even the first time DC has mentioned a Superman/Batman movie. There was actually a big teaser poster for it in the Will Smith movie I Am Legend. It was in the background of one scene. I would love to see a Superman/Batman movie, but until I see more than a teaser image at Comic Con, I remain skeptical.
This isn't all that noteworthy but I still got a kick out of it. It's a cover to an upcoming issue of Superior Spider-man with Spider-man 2099 on the cover by J.G. Jones. I thought it looked bad ass and figured it was worth sharing.

And finally it's been announced that after the DC animated Flashpoint movie the next DC animated movie will be Justice League: War which will be based on the first New 52 Justice League story. I really miss when DC didn't suck. Damn I hate the New 52 so bad.

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