Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Zelda timeline fix, a Crisis on Infinite Hyrules.

Just say the words "The Zelda Timeline" to any two Nintendo nerds and you're likely to see a debate, an argument, or possibly a full on slap fest. Fans have been debating when, where, and how the games take place in relationship to each other since at least Ocarina of Time. It's pretty clear that even Nintendo has no real clue, but this is their latest attempt at stapling it all together. Note that not only have they had to go with several different Links and Zeldas who are descendants and reincarnations of the Links and Zeldas from previous games, but we also have to split the timeline in three after Ocarina of Time. On a side note I still have a hard time accepting Zelda 1 and 2 from the NES as being at the end of a timeline, but I guess that's just because I remember playing them when they were all there was. Makes sense now why Link had crosses on his shield in those games though, Hyrule had finally been Christianized. They should do a sequel to Zelda II where Ganon poses as the Pope to overthrow the King instead of the King's advisor like in Ocarina. But I'm getting sidetracked, point is if we already have an accepted Zelda multiverse of at least three timelines why don't we just take that a bit further?

Being a comic book fan I'm pretty used to the idea of multiple universes. In fact I actually really love the idea of the mutliverse, so I tend to apply it to impossible continuity problems in fiction. For instance whenever we get a new James Bond actor I go with the idea that we're starting a new series of films set in a new universe. If we reference something in from a Sean Connery Bond movie in a Pierce Brosnan Bond movie I just say similar events happened in both worlds. So for years now my personal theory of how these games relate to one another hasn't used ancestors or reincarnation, I've just used the multiverse. Basically unless a game is explicitly a sequel, such as Legend of Zelda II or Majora's Mask, I go with the idea that it's a different universe from the other games. So to me that's the solution. These aren't Links through the ages, these are Links through the multiverse.

This way we won't have to completely redo the timeline two or three games from now.

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