Friday, August 30, 2013

Weep not for Miley Cyrus

So by now I'm sure you know about the Miley Cyrus' VMA debacle. If you've haven't seen it you've probably at least seen pics or highlights. Well, Christian blogger Trevin Wax was apparently brought to tears by it. He wrote a piece called "I Weep for Miley." It was mostly a bunch of lines like this.

I weep for the lostness of a girl who doesn’t see herself stumbling around in the dark.

It wasn't really a bad article, certainly I felt a little bit of pity for the girl too as she made a rather epic fool of herself on national television. But weeping for it? Bit on an overreaction. If anything about this is gonna bring me to tears it's the fact that we're all so busy talking about this girl's terrible dancing nobody seems to be paying attention to the fact that our government is looking to start yet another illegal war of aggression in the Middle East. This isn't even the most tear jerking thing on MTV, remember this is the network that gave us Teen Mom. But then Trevin had a little follow up to that article called Some Thoughts on "I Weep for Miley" in which he address some of the reactions to his article. This in particular caught my eye from it.

Why didn’t you write about Robin Thicke?
I don’t feel Christ-like compassion for Robin Thicke and other men who benefit from degrading and demeaning women. My visceral response is to be outraged that we live in a society where chivalry is dead and men can be involved in such displays of depravity without consequences.

Yes, of course, poor Miley was just a victim of mean old Mr. Thicke. I'm sorry, but if anything, I think it was Thicke who was violated on that stage. Aside from the fact that Miley was absolutely butchering his hit song, when she was grinding into him he looked like he wanted to throw up a little. Seriously, I don't think he could have looked more uncomfortable if it was his grandmother twerking in front of him.

It's funny how just enough of modern feminism has infected the church as to completely feminize it and fill it with misandry. No one was degrading Ms. Cyrus save for Ms. Cyrus herself. But no, Churchianity says everything is the fault of men, even when it's not. If women act like sluts it's because men made them. If women fornicate it's because men with their evil penises of doom were degrading them. If women divorce their husbands it's because men didn't "man up". Evangelical sub culture as become just a Jesus-y version of Oprah, completely designed to sell things to women and tell them what they want to hear. Churchianity is just a bunch of feminine beta boys who see a trashy performance and "weep" for the woman while being "outraged" at the man, even if it was the woman who was the author of it.

As for Miley Cyrus, she needs a lot of things, chief among them a little less creative control and someone on her staff with the ability to tell her "No", but tears she does not need. Sure she made a fool of herself at the VMA's but even the best entertainers do from time to time. That's the risk that comes from putting yourself out there. She is still in a position to turn her career around if she wises up a bit. And she also was paid handsomely for her performance and got exactly what she really wanted out of it, attention. So spare Ms. Cyrus your tears Trevin, she has no need of them.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review of the Week: Scarlet Spider #21

So at the end of last issue Kaine looked into the mirror to see his facial scars had returned. This issue he full on flips out about it, fearing the clone degeneration he used to suffered from has returned. While web slinging to clear his head Kaine is attacked by the original Scarlet Spider, the long dead Ben Reilly. The two duke it out for a bit, meanwhile we cut to scenes of Kaine's friends all being attacked by a mysterious foe one by one until we finally see that foe is Kraven's daughter. Then we see that Kaine has been hallucinating things like the scar on his face due to a toxin he was injected with last issue and it is actually Kraven dressed as the Scarlet Spider.

As I've said before, I was never a big Kraven fan and feel like he should have been left in the grave. That being said this was still a good issue as Kaine found himself forced to face his guilt for how he treated Reilly in the past. I am getting just a touch tired of Kaine spinning his wheels with the whole "I'm a monster" self pity bit, I would like to see him actually develop a bit more and come into his own as a hero more than he has. Still, this was an enjoyable issue to a fun book. I give it 4 sleeveless hoodies out of 5.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Retro Review: Superman Vol 2 #22

I've only kinda skimmed the other parts of this storyline, but in it Superman meets a Supergirl from a pocket universe and follows her back there where General Zod and his two goons have killed everyone on planet Earth including that world's Clark Kent AKA Superboy. In this issue Superman uses gold kryptonite to take away their powers (it doesn't work on him though since he's not from that universe). The General then threatens that he will find away to get their powers back and go to his universe and kill everyone there. Superman then uses green kryptonite to execute them, even while the General and Zarora beg for their lives, Zarora even going so far as to offer to be Superman's sex slave should he spare her. Superman walks away from them shedding a tear for what he had to do.
On the way back to his universe, he finds the injured Supergirl, who was some sort of genetic construct thingie, and takes her/it back to his universe. She would later end up bonded to a human girl named Linda Danvers and something about an angel or something. Confusing premise aside Peter David had a rather critically acclaimed run with that character.

In some ways this issue represents both the best and worst things about DC comics. This issue had a very powerful and touching character moment with Superman forced to kill, something he abhors. But because editorial mandates after Crisis on Infinite Earths made it so Superman had be the only survivor of Krypton, he couldn't kill General Zod in his own reality he had to go to another universe. And not even a parellel universe, because those had been done away with too, but a "pocket universe" basically a fake little bullshit universe like "Heroes Reborn". These people he killed barely existed. So what should have been Superman forced to kill members of his nearly extinct race for the greater good became a convoluted mess.

 And then there's the Supergirl that came out of this. Rather than be his cousin, because again he has to truly be the last son of Krypton at this point, she has to be a genetic construct. Again, she's barely a person. Now granted, quality writers like Peter David would come along and make the most of this character, but still this was an attempt to have Supergirl without having Supergirl. Supergirl should be Superman's cousin, not a genetic construct from a pocket universe that merges with a human and then there's an angel or something.

And that's the thing DC never got, and especially doesn't get with the New 52, while it's OK to tweek some continuity things around after these cosmic events, reboots do not make things simpler, they actually make things more complicated. And the things you tried to get rid of in the reboot inevitably end up getting dragged back out by some writer down the line. Crisis on Infinite Earths made Superman the only survivor of Krypton....for a while. But eventually Supergirl, Zod, Kandor, hell, even Kypto for fuck's sake, all popped back up. These editorially driven reboots don't simplify continuity, they just tangle it up.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Well, He/she is still a hero.

A friend asked me what I thought of whistle blower Bradley Manning saying he wants to live as a woman. Well, I can't say I agree with or support that choice as I am of the persuasion that gender confused people are suffering from a mental disorder and need therapy, not surgery to mutilate their genitals until the resemble the opposite sex's. But, at the end of the day Manning still chose to speak up and expose our government's war crimes, and, crazy tranny or not, that makes him more of a man in my eyes than all those that looked the other way and remained silent.

Ben Affleck as Batman.

So by now I'm sure you've heard Affleck will be Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman film. So my two cents is, I'm fine with this choice. Sure there are a few people I might have picked before him, but I think he'll do just fine. I might be in the minority but I thought he was a fine Daredevil. The only real problem with Daredevil I thought was Jennifer Garner as Elektra.

So to all the naysayers, give the guy a chance, I think he'll do just fine.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review of the Week: Daredevil Vol 3 #30

So in this issue a mysterious alien shows up in Matt Murdock's office. It claims that it had caught a broadcast of a speech Matt gave on the need for the law to recognize extraterrestrial rights years ago and that, combined with his alter ego being an Avenger, is why he sought him out. He claims a powerful being is chasing him and he needs the aid of the Avengers. Just then the Silver Surfer shows up in Matt's office and Matt quickly changes to DD and attempts to protect the alien from the Surfer. The Surfer then explains to Daredevil that the alien was of a race called the Achians, which are "Sentient lies who exist on the edge of perception, visible only when it suits their ends to be so" and that it only wanted "to sow discord and malice". Surfer has a hard time tracking it as he has a hard time seeing it with his cosmic senses, so he has Daredevil help him find him. When they catch up with him and take him down he whispers in DD's ear "She will never love you." refereeing to his current love interest and coworker Kirsten McDuffie. After that DD and the Surfer part ways with DD pondering whether they creature was telling the truth to hurt him, or lying to hurt him.

This issue was just great, as has Waid's whole current run on Daredevil. I don't know if the Achians have been seen or mentioned before, but we should see more of them, that's a really interesting concept. If you're not reading Daredevil then shame on you. Seriously, are you sure you even like super heroes? This is super hero goodness at it's finest.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I used to think homeschoolers were weirdos. But now I find myself more and more convinced that trusting big brother to educate your child is foolish negligence that borders on child abuse. The new Common Core curriculum takes a rather relaxed view of math.

Even if they said, ’3 x 4 was 11,’ if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in, umm, words and oral explanation, and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focused on the how,

 OK, let's be fair for a second. I had an Algebra teacher in high school who would often give partial credit if you showed your work and he saw you basically got the idea of how to do it, but had made a little arithmetic mistake along the way. But that was partial credit, he didn't consider the fact that you could explain your reasoning more important than getting it right. And that was algebra not basic multiplication. And that didn't apply to your final.

And let's remember that we're not talking about a philosophy class here. We're talking about basic damn math. It doesn't get anymore clear or black and white than basic math. 3x4 is 12. It's not 11, it's not 13, it's not 11.9 and it's not 12.1. It's 12. There is one right answer and an infinite number of wrong answers. Period.

At this point if you have a kid, you're better off letting them stay home to play video games and watch TV all day than go to a public school. They won't learn anything either way, but at least with the video games they'll have fun.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Kick Ass 2 (2013)

I really enjoyed the first Kick Ass. It was definitely an original take on super heroes, trying to be a little more grounded than you're typical super hero story. You could argue how well it actually managed to do that, and certainly there are times in the first movie (and this one too) where the tone seems a little confused and all over the place, but all and all it was a damn good movie. The second one, while not as good as much of the novelty has worn off, is still pretty good.

As with most of my still in the theater movie reviews I'm not going to go into a full plot synopsis here, as I only want to spoil as much as is necessary to do a review, but the basic story is that Kick Ass and Hit Girl are getting back into the game after staying out of it since the end of the last film and teaming up with other heroes they inspired. Hit Girl however ends up having to promise her godfather she will abandon the costume for a while, and we get an odd sub plot of her trying to fit in at high school running through the middle of the movie. Basically it's like they shoved the movie Mean Girls into the middle of this one. It leads to some great moments and is for the most part enjoyable, but I couldn't help but feel like it was extremely out of place and shoe horned in. Also you probably know that Jim Carrey recently disowned the film because it was too violent and that made his pussy hurt, but I really didn't think it was all that bad. Oh, it was pretty violent, but it's definitely toned down from the source material and frankly I've seen worse in many an action movie. It's a shame he feels that way, as this is easily some of the man's best work from the last decade.

I personally like the graphic novels more than the movies. They are far edgier as writer Mark Millar doesn't care who he offends, whereas Hollywood doesn't have those kind of balls, certainly not these days. Still, if you enjoyed the first Kick Ass movie then you will enjoy this one as well, even if maybe not quite as much.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Custom made Dark Claw action figure.

Check out this custom Dark Claw action figure I made. I don't wanna brag, but clearly I totally nailed it.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Retro Review: Flash Vol 2 #197

Geoff Jones was simply amazing on the Flash. One of the best things he did was give Wally West his own version of the Reverse Flash. The original Reverse Flash was as dead as Barry Allen, and Geoff Jones had said he wanted to fill that void. Rather than resurrect Eobard Thawne he gave us a new character, with and even more personal vendetta than Thawne had with Barry Allen. This issue gives us his origin.

Hunter Zolomon was a great criminal profiler for the FBI until his own arrogance lead the the death of his father in law when he assured him that the suspect held up in a house would not be armed. This lead to him losing his job and his marriage. He ended up working for the Keystone Police Department where he befriended the Wally West AKA the Flash. After being crippled by Grodd, Hunter begged Wally to use the Cosmic Treadmill in the Flash Museum to go back in time and stop him from being crippled. Wally refused on the grounds of it being unethical to change the past. Hunter wouldn't take no for an answer and broke into the Flash Museum to use it himself. It malfunctioned and blew up. All of this is told in flashback as Hunter has woken up in the hospital and remembers these recent events. Astonishingly Hunter finds his legs now work and when he goes to find a nurse he sees time has come to a near standstill relative to him. He decides to adopt the identity Zoom because Flash can't be a true hero until he learns tragedy.

This was a great origin story for a great villain. I loved how Zoom's speed came not from the speedforce but rather from manipulating time itself. I also loved how he actually believed what he was doing was for the Flash's own good. The art is pretty good, although I don't like that the flashbacks are all done in a monotone tan color. I understand why you would do that, but since most of this issue is flashbacks it really takes away from the enjoyment of this comic. Still if you ever wondered why people speak so highly of Geoff Jone's run on Flash this would be a great issue to pick up and find out.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A canary in the coal mine?

Somewhere around the late 90's fashion just sorta stopped, and then a few years later music followed. Think about it, there was a huge difference between what someone wore in 1953 as opposed to 1963 which was much different than 1973 and so on and so on, but, what is the difference in fashion between now and 2003? You could even go back further, look at what people wore in 1998. Would any of it look out of place today, 15 years later? How about music, how has it changed in the last decade or so? Sure there are trends, and sure music is getting a little more explicit and girl's clothes a little sluttier, but even that is grinding to a halt as it's reaching a point where there is no further to go.
So what does it matter? Well, in some respects it doesn't. It's just clothes, it's just the pop charts, it's just trivial things, little distractions, who cares? But in some respects it's a canary in the coal mine to warn us that something is deeply wrong. It shows us that we are stuck, that we're spinning our wheels. We're not going anywhere anymore. And perhaps most disturbingly, no one seems to notice it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-man Team-Up #2 and Scarlet Spider #20

Well, it was only a matter of time before Ock-Spidey crossed paths with the new Scarlet Spider Kaine. In this issue Kaine drops in on Ock-Spidey, probably curious about the changes in him and Ock-Spidey, remembering that Kaine once killed him as Doc Ock (he got better though) attacks him in a fit of rage, almost spilling the truth about himself in his rantings. As they're fighting they're attacked by some of the Jackals human-mutant-spider monsters and eventually Jackal himself. They both end up defeated and taken to Jackal's lab.

I was looking forward to Ock-Spidey and Kaine's first meeting and I gotta tell you, I was extremely disappointed.  He just attacked him like that? That's idiotic. There is no way, after all the work he put into it, Ock-Spidey nearly blows his cover for that sort of vendetta. Yeah I know, it's hard to get over the guy who killed you, but here's the thing, Ock shouldn't actually have a direct memory of that. See Ock was brought back to life by magical ninja group The Hand, but he didn't have his memories until Lady Octopus and Stunner gave them back to him because Ock used to regularly digitally back up his memories onto the computers in his labs. So the memories Ock was given back were of just shortly before his death, so I don't buy that big of an emotion over something you have no direct memory of. I guess you could say it's a nitpick, but still when the excuse for your main character acting like a dumbass relies heavily on a continuity error, you're doing it wrong.

Alright so here we are at part two. Ock-Spidey and Kaine are trapped in Jackal's lab and Jackal starts giving the jerk off villain speech about his idiotic plan. Kaine manages to escape and then frees Ock-Spidey. Ock-Spidey then sets the lab to blow while Kaine is fighting Jackal and his minions. Kaine gets out and yells at Ock-Spidey that he could have killed him. Ock-Spidey shrugs it off telling him that it was a "calculated risk". Kaine tells Ock-Spidey he needs to start acting like a hero again and walks off.

This was really poorly done. I expected Ock-Spidey to be simmering about the history he had with Kaine, maybe extra douchey and passive aggressive with him, but full on going nuts and attacking him? There's no way after all the work he did he nearly blows it like that. Hell, he damn near confessed to Kaine who he truly is. And Kaine seemed really stupid in this for not picking up that something is terribly wrong with Peter. I know that's been a common complaint, that the heroes should have figured out the truth by now, but this is probably the most blatant example of this. Add to that the fact that I've never found Jackal all that interesting and this two parter that I've been looking forward to really left me cold.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Retro Review: Street Fighter #1 (2003)

Like many people my age I spent many a quarter on Street Fighter II in the arcade. I still say it's one of the best fighting games ever and when I think of the fighting game genre Street Fighter is the first franchise that comes to mind. So when I found this in a back issue bin I figured I would give it a shot, at least for old time's sake if nothing else.

Our story starts out with M. Bison killing Charlie at Shadaloo Headquarters. We then cut to Guile at U.S. Interpol Headquarters wondering what happened to Charlie, that he hasn't been seen since his mission to investigate Shadaloo. Then we cut to Ryu visiting his friend Ken to tell him that their Master Gouken had been killed. Later Ryu and Ken are at a restaurant when some Shadaloo thugs come in to demand protection money. Ryu fights the thugs then Guile shows up with some Interpol agents to arrest them. One thug escapes out the back and it attacked by Chun Li who is also after Shadaloo. Also there's a little back up story of Ryu fighting in last year's Street Fighter tournament where he first encountered M. Bison after defeating one of his men.

This was a decent enough read. It was a bit slow, but it had a lot of set up to do. Also it didn't have any of my favorites like Blanka, but a letter from the editor does promise him in the next issue. It did have a cameo by Vega in the opening scene with M. Bison killing Charlie. Vega's probably my second favorite after Blanka. This wasn't anything all that special story wise, but fighting games are not the easiest games to translate into a linear story structure. If you were or are a Street Fighter fan it's probably worth checking out if you stumble across it. I know I'll probably be checking out issue two down the road. I give it a solid three hadoukens out of five.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review of the Week: Mega Man #28 and Lady Rawhide #1

Man, it's been a rather contentious and combative couple of weeks for me here on the interwebs. I've caught a bit of flak for some of my more controversial positions both in reader mail and on various other forums and sites. Not to complain, I'm happy to fight the good fight, but I could use something to wash the taste of all this negativity out of my mouth. A nice blue sorbet to cleanse the palate. So happily here's my favorite blue bomber sitting right at the top of my weekly comics. Let's take a look.

Well, the Sonic/ Mega Man crossover is done. In part 12 Mega Man used Chaos Control to force the Genesis Wave to restore his reality and now we're right back to where we left off in issue 23 with Mega Man fighting Break Man AKA Proto Man. Nobody seems to have any memory of the crossover which is kinda sad. I guess I get why, a lot of Mega Man characters were in the crossover that haven't been introduced yet and the writer probably wants those characters to be introduced more naturally. Plus memory of the crossover would spoil who Break Man is to Mega Man. Still though, it kinda makes it like that whole epic was for nothing.

So as the Genesis Wave disapates the only noticable effect to Mega Man is the damage done to him, Break Man, and the other Robot Masters in their fight is reversed. As the fight between Mega Man and his brother continue we cut to Dr Wily, who also has no memory of the crossover. He ends up betrayed by Ra Moon who has revealed he intends to destroy humanity. Wily escapes but Ra Moon starts his plan by launching an electromagnetic pulse to shut down all technology, Wily's Robot Masters being excempt since Ra Moon intends to use them. We cut back to Mega Man fighting his brother when the pulse hits and it shuts down every robot but Proto Man. We end with a shot of Proto Man looking out onto the city, now blacked out.

This was a pretty solid issue. It seems like it will be largely up to Proto Man to set things right, most likely with the help of Dr. Light. I'm a little sad the crossover had no real effect on the book but I understand why that was done. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best all ages comic out there and if you're not reading it you should be.

A few months ago I did a Hero Spotlight on this character and said I hope she gets a series at Dynamite and sure enough a month later it was announced. Coincidence? Absolutely. So our story starts out with a band of female bandits robbing a train. When one of them is shot she is left behind to die by her teammates as that is their custom, apparently their supplies are too short to care for the wounded. The group of bandits set up dynamite charges to blow up the train but the wounded member manages to get herself off and to safety before that happens. Then we cut to our star. After a quick origin recap we get a few pages of Lady Rawhide doing her Robin Hood type thing and running from the popo. She delivers some of her loot to some poor farmers outside of town then while riding around discovers the wounded bandit from earlier. Before they even have time for a classic comic book misunderstanding fight they are ambushed by some corrupt soldiers.

This was a pretty fun read. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect Lady Rawhide to be, basically Girl-Zorro. But it does that very well and is a fun pulpy western story. Granted I'm a little partial as I have a soft spot for a redhead with a whip, but if you like westerns, if you like Zorro or the Lone Ranger, you will probably like this.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why I am not a (third wave) feminist.

I mentioned recently that I had caught some flak for criticizing a certain internet reviewer. Not really from her, but rather the femicunts and beta orbiters she calls fans. One bit that caught my eye from one of the little white knighters was when he described me as "a radical right winger". It never ceases to amaze me how incapable the leftoid sheeple can be when it comes to understanding nuance. I don't automatically bow down to the alter of feminism, so clearly I'm a "right winger". I guess that's why I take such hardcore right wing stances as being for ending all the wars and bringing all of our troops home immediately. Or completely ending the drug war. Or repealing the Patriot Act. Or being against any attempt to ban pornography or other "obscene" material. Or the fact that I largely lean towards a pro-choice stance (I consider abortion to be a murky grey area, so I go with my default of keeping the government out of it). None of that matters apparently, I'm not a feminist, and therefore I'm Rick Santorum.

And why would I be a feminist? How could I be one? Mind you, I'm a libertarian, and part of that libertarianism is that I believe in equality under the law, that all human beings have individual human rights. But that's not what feminism is, at least not modern third wave feminism. Modern feminism is a sad angry joke. Modern feminism is hating Taylor Swift because she actually acts like a girl. Modern feminism is going on TV with tampons on your ears because....ummm...patriarchy?

Modern feminism is Anita Sarkeesian creating a whole series of videos about how Nintendo is sexist because Mario saves the Princess, all the while proving what a strong woman she is by disabling all ratings and comments because negative feedback makes her cry. Modern feminism is putting your menstrual blood on display and calling it "art". Modern feminism is a sad, hypocritical, swirling vortex of madness. Modern feminism fails because it denies a basic truth that is encoded deep into our souls, men and women are different. This is not a statement of one being superior to the other, nor is it denying that there are certainly overlaps and exceptions to the rules. But still men and women are different and to deny that is to deny reality. And once you deny reality, well, next thing you know you go on TV with tampons on your ears spouting a bunch of nonsense.

So no, I'm not a feminist. And I'm damn proud to say that too. Because modern feminism is little more than a glorified mental illness.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bechtloff Book Club: Enjoy the Decline

I first discovered Aaron Clarey's blog Captain Capitalism during the whole Breakpoint mess the other week. I read through most of it in a few days and really enjoyed it so I figured it would be worth getting his book Enjoy the Decline. Lord knows he pimps it enough on his blog.

The basic premise of this book is simple. America is dieing. I think that's pretty obvious to anyone with an even basic grasp of economics. We are rapidly running out of other people's money. Even if this country can recover things will get far worse before they get better. So this book lays out the evidence for America's decline and why we are probably past the event horizon and then lays out some ways you as an individual can make the best of this bad situation.

One could argue that there is a bit of "Just give up." in the advice he offers. He tells people to live on as little as possible to avoid Uncle Sam's wallet raping, he tells people marriage and kids are probably not worth it unless you absolutely must have those things, both of which I agree with. But then he tells people to abandon their principle and take as much hand out money from Uncle Sam as they can. He also peppers in some of his atheism into this with an attitude of "Live it up now, because after you die there's nothing." This in particular was a major problem I had with this book. Even in my most agnostic pre-Christian days I always had a bit of contempt for atheists. Just the idea of declaring a universal negative is enough to earn a bit of scorn from me. Plus I always felt there was pretty compelling evidence for there being at least some sort of afterlife. But I don't want to go too far on a tangent here.

So while some of his advice might straddle the line between rational self interest and abandoning principles, there is still more then enough good about this book to make it worth checking out. First he gives a lot of good advise on how to live on less while still enjoying life and having fun. He gives a lot of practical advice on how to find a good mate in the decaying culture, and he talks about finance and investing in this new, increasing socialist, economic landscape. I particularly liked how he talked about what a bad investment 401Ks are, especially since our corrupt ass government is likely to nationalize them in the future. But easily the best chapter in this book is the one entitled "Revenge".  He talks about the miserable people these socialist leftist are and thus the miserable lives they lead. While you go to a museum and appreciate real artist masters like Monet and Rembrandt, they go to a museum to see some feminist have used tampons on display and must pretend like they like it. It's an interesting point. At the end of the day the piece of filth single mom might be sponging off of your tax money, but look at the miserable life she leads. The John Scalzi's of the world might call you names because you believe in God and want your taxes lowered, but at the end of the day they still have to look into the mirror and see this:
 So while I might take some issues with this book, it's still a pretty damn good read and I absolutely recommend it. It's full of a lot of useful advice on how to weather the upcoming storms and the "Revenge" chapter alone makes it worth your money.

Dear Energizer Batteries

Dear Energizer Batteries,

While I appreciate your offer of savings on future Energizer Battery purchases, it should be known that the little door on the back of the battery package doesn't work when you weld the fucker shut with a sticker coupon on the other side. I hope this critique has been helpful.

-Yours in Christ
-The Bechtloff

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My fellow libertarians, do not dispair.

It would be very easy for my fellow liberty minded Americans to be depressed about this country and where it's headed, especially after the abysmal 2012 election. But there are a lot of good signs we need to keep in mind. I've been following politics for quite a while now and I remember when nobody even knew what a libertarian was. I remember when nobody even mentioned the Federal Reserve, let alone critisized it or called for it to be abolished. Now libertarians are everywhere. Sure there's a lot of smearing of men like Ron Paul and other libertarian politicians to follow in recent years, but that's just the point, the statists used to just ignore us.

The Democrat party is far beyond any ability to be reformed, but the Republican party is currently being step by step taken over by us. To the extent the Republican party even has a future it's a libertarian one. There are no Rick Santorum type conservatives in the youth of the Republican party. The neocons and the middle of the road RHINOs will get on board with us or they will find themselves on the political ice flow. It's already happening, even guys like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, who just a couple of years ago had nothing but vicious nasty things to say about the libertarians are now saying they are becoming more and more libertarian each day. Personally I think that in both cases it has to do with an attempt to stay relevant with a changing audience than it does their own personal beliefs. Regardless of whether or not these men are actually coming around it's still a good sign, because it at least means their audience is. We need to keep an eye on these possible wolves in sheep's clothing, but still it's all and all a good sign.

Things are bad, and they will no doubt get worse before they get better, but take hope. Liberty is an idea. It's a damn good idea. A small limited government that defends the liberty of it's citizens rather than trampling it is the system where human beings flourish. The truth will out. It always does. Liberty will rise again my friends, of that I have no doubt.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How the New 52 happened.

It dawned on me how the New 52 happened and why nobody is putting a stop to it. It's like the part in the Lord of the Rings with the old king and the evil advisor. The king is Dan Didio and the advisor is Jim Lee.

"My Lord, Martian Manhunter should be in Stormwatch not Justice League. And Cyborg should be a founding Justice Leaguer not a Titan.  And Superman should have armor. And Harley Quinn should look like she works at Hot Topic. And Grifter should have his own book."

'Tis indeed dark days in the land of DC. Dark, dark days.