Thursday, August 15, 2013

A canary in the coal mine?

Somewhere around the late 90's fashion just sorta stopped, and then a few years later music followed. Think about it, there was a huge difference between what someone wore in 1953 as opposed to 1963 which was much different than 1973 and so on and so on, but, what is the difference in fashion between now and 2003? You could even go back further, look at what people wore in 1998. Would any of it look out of place today, 15 years later? How about music, how has it changed in the last decade or so? Sure there are trends, and sure music is getting a little more explicit and girl's clothes a little sluttier, but even that is grinding to a halt as it's reaching a point where there is no further to go.
So what does it matter? Well, in some respects it doesn't. It's just clothes, it's just the pop charts, it's just trivial things, little distractions, who cares? But in some respects it's a canary in the coal mine to warn us that something is deeply wrong. It shows us that we are stuck, that we're spinning our wheels. We're not going anywhere anymore. And perhaps most disturbingly, no one seems to notice it.

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