Sunday, August 4, 2013

My fellow libertarians, do not dispair.

It would be very easy for my fellow liberty minded Americans to be depressed about this country and where it's headed, especially after the abysmal 2012 election. But there are a lot of good signs we need to keep in mind. I've been following politics for quite a while now and I remember when nobody even knew what a libertarian was. I remember when nobody even mentioned the Federal Reserve, let alone critisized it or called for it to be abolished. Now libertarians are everywhere. Sure there's a lot of smearing of men like Ron Paul and other libertarian politicians to follow in recent years, but that's just the point, the statists used to just ignore us.

The Democrat party is far beyond any ability to be reformed, but the Republican party is currently being step by step taken over by us. To the extent the Republican party even has a future it's a libertarian one. There are no Rick Santorum type conservatives in the youth of the Republican party. The neocons and the middle of the road RHINOs will get on board with us or they will find themselves on the political ice flow. It's already happening, even guys like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, who just a couple of years ago had nothing but vicious nasty things to say about the libertarians are now saying they are becoming more and more libertarian each day. Personally I think that in both cases it has to do with an attempt to stay relevant with a changing audience than it does their own personal beliefs. Regardless of whether or not these men are actually coming around it's still a good sign, because it at least means their audience is. We need to keep an eye on these possible wolves in sheep's clothing, but still it's all and all a good sign.

Things are bad, and they will no doubt get worse before they get better, but take hope. Liberty is an idea. It's a damn good idea. A small limited government that defends the liberty of it's citizens rather than trampling it is the system where human beings flourish. The truth will out. It always does. Liberty will rise again my friends, of that I have no doubt.

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