Friday, August 9, 2013

Retro Review: Street Fighter #1 (2003)

Like many people my age I spent many a quarter on Street Fighter II in the arcade. I still say it's one of the best fighting games ever and when I think of the fighting game genre Street Fighter is the first franchise that comes to mind. So when I found this in a back issue bin I figured I would give it a shot, at least for old time's sake if nothing else.

Our story starts out with M. Bison killing Charlie at Shadaloo Headquarters. We then cut to Guile at U.S. Interpol Headquarters wondering what happened to Charlie, that he hasn't been seen since his mission to investigate Shadaloo. Then we cut to Ryu visiting his friend Ken to tell him that their Master Gouken had been killed. Later Ryu and Ken are at a restaurant when some Shadaloo thugs come in to demand protection money. Ryu fights the thugs then Guile shows up with some Interpol agents to arrest them. One thug escapes out the back and it attacked by Chun Li who is also after Shadaloo. Also there's a little back up story of Ryu fighting in last year's Street Fighter tournament where he first encountered M. Bison after defeating one of his men.

This was a decent enough read. It was a bit slow, but it had a lot of set up to do. Also it didn't have any of my favorites like Blanka, but a letter from the editor does promise him in the next issue. It did have a cameo by Vega in the opening scene with M. Bison killing Charlie. Vega's probably my second favorite after Blanka. This wasn't anything all that special story wise, but fighting games are not the easiest games to translate into a linear story structure. If you were or are a Street Fighter fan it's probably worth checking out if you stumble across it. I know I'll probably be checking out issue two down the road. I give it a solid three hadoukens out of five.

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