Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review of the Week: Mega Man #28 and Lady Rawhide #1

Man, it's been a rather contentious and combative couple of weeks for me here on the interwebs. I've caught a bit of flak for some of my more controversial positions both in reader mail and on various other forums and sites. Not to complain, I'm happy to fight the good fight, but I could use something to wash the taste of all this negativity out of my mouth. A nice blue sorbet to cleanse the palate. So happily here's my favorite blue bomber sitting right at the top of my weekly comics. Let's take a look.

Well, the Sonic/ Mega Man crossover is done. In part 12 Mega Man used Chaos Control to force the Genesis Wave to restore his reality and now we're right back to where we left off in issue 23 with Mega Man fighting Break Man AKA Proto Man. Nobody seems to have any memory of the crossover which is kinda sad. I guess I get why, a lot of Mega Man characters were in the crossover that haven't been introduced yet and the writer probably wants those characters to be introduced more naturally. Plus memory of the crossover would spoil who Break Man is to Mega Man. Still though, it kinda makes it like that whole epic was for nothing.

So as the Genesis Wave disapates the only noticable effect to Mega Man is the damage done to him, Break Man, and the other Robot Masters in their fight is reversed. As the fight between Mega Man and his brother continue we cut to Dr Wily, who also has no memory of the crossover. He ends up betrayed by Ra Moon who has revealed he intends to destroy humanity. Wily escapes but Ra Moon starts his plan by launching an electromagnetic pulse to shut down all technology, Wily's Robot Masters being excempt since Ra Moon intends to use them. We cut back to Mega Man fighting his brother when the pulse hits and it shuts down every robot but Proto Man. We end with a shot of Proto Man looking out onto the city, now blacked out.

This was a pretty solid issue. It seems like it will be largely up to Proto Man to set things right, most likely with the help of Dr. Light. I'm a little sad the crossover had no real effect on the book but I understand why that was done. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best all ages comic out there and if you're not reading it you should be.

A few months ago I did a Hero Spotlight on this character and said I hope she gets a series at Dynamite and sure enough a month later it was announced. Coincidence? Absolutely. So our story starts out with a band of female bandits robbing a train. When one of them is shot she is left behind to die by her teammates as that is their custom, apparently their supplies are too short to care for the wounded. The group of bandits set up dynamite charges to blow up the train but the wounded member manages to get herself off and to safety before that happens. Then we cut to our star. After a quick origin recap we get a few pages of Lady Rawhide doing her Robin Hood type thing and running from the popo. She delivers some of her loot to some poor farmers outside of town then while riding around discovers the wounded bandit from earlier. Before they even have time for a classic comic book misunderstanding fight they are ambushed by some corrupt soldiers.

This was a pretty fun read. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect Lady Rawhide to be, basically Girl-Zorro. But it does that very well and is a fun pulpy western story. Granted I'm a little partial as I have a soft spot for a redhead with a whip, but if you like westerns, if you like Zorro or the Lone Ranger, you will probably like this.

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