Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review of the Week: Scarlet Spider #21

So at the end of last issue Kaine looked into the mirror to see his facial scars had returned. This issue he full on flips out about it, fearing the clone degeneration he used to suffered from has returned. While web slinging to clear his head Kaine is attacked by the original Scarlet Spider, the long dead Ben Reilly. The two duke it out for a bit, meanwhile we cut to scenes of Kaine's friends all being attacked by a mysterious foe one by one until we finally see that foe is Kraven's daughter. Then we see that Kaine has been hallucinating things like the scar on his face due to a toxin he was injected with last issue and it is actually Kraven dressed as the Scarlet Spider.

As I've said before, I was never a big Kraven fan and feel like he should have been left in the grave. That being said this was still a good issue as Kaine found himself forced to face his guilt for how he treated Reilly in the past. I am getting just a touch tired of Kaine spinning his wheels with the whole "I'm a monster" self pity bit, I would like to see him actually develop a bit more and come into his own as a hero more than he has. Still, this was an enjoyable issue to a fun book. I give it 4 sleeveless hoodies out of 5.

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