Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-man Team-Up #2 and Scarlet Spider #20

Well, it was only a matter of time before Ock-Spidey crossed paths with the new Scarlet Spider Kaine. In this issue Kaine drops in on Ock-Spidey, probably curious about the changes in him and Ock-Spidey, remembering that Kaine once killed him as Doc Ock (he got better though) attacks him in a fit of rage, almost spilling the truth about himself in his rantings. As they're fighting they're attacked by some of the Jackals human-mutant-spider monsters and eventually Jackal himself. They both end up defeated and taken to Jackal's lab.

I was looking forward to Ock-Spidey and Kaine's first meeting and I gotta tell you, I was extremely disappointed.  He just attacked him like that? That's idiotic. There is no way, after all the work he put into it, Ock-Spidey nearly blows his cover for that sort of vendetta. Yeah I know, it's hard to get over the guy who killed you, but here's the thing, Ock shouldn't actually have a direct memory of that. See Ock was brought back to life by magical ninja group The Hand, but he didn't have his memories until Lady Octopus and Stunner gave them back to him because Ock used to regularly digitally back up his memories onto the computers in his labs. So the memories Ock was given back were of just shortly before his death, so I don't buy that big of an emotion over something you have no direct memory of. I guess you could say it's a nitpick, but still when the excuse for your main character acting like a dumbass relies heavily on a continuity error, you're doing it wrong.

Alright so here we are at part two. Ock-Spidey and Kaine are trapped in Jackal's lab and Jackal starts giving the jerk off villain speech about his idiotic plan. Kaine manages to escape and then frees Ock-Spidey. Ock-Spidey then sets the lab to blow while Kaine is fighting Jackal and his minions. Kaine gets out and yells at Ock-Spidey that he could have killed him. Ock-Spidey shrugs it off telling him that it was a "calculated risk". Kaine tells Ock-Spidey he needs to start acting like a hero again and walks off.

This was really poorly done. I expected Ock-Spidey to be simmering about the history he had with Kaine, maybe extra douchey and passive aggressive with him, but full on going nuts and attacking him? There's no way after all the work he did he nearly blows it like that. Hell, he damn near confessed to Kaine who he truly is. And Kaine seemed really stupid in this for not picking up that something is terribly wrong with Peter. I know that's been a common complaint, that the heroes should have figured out the truth by now, but this is probably the most blatant example of this. Add to that the fact that I've never found Jackal all that interesting and this two parter that I've been looking forward to really left me cold.

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