Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why I am not a (third wave) feminist.

I mentioned recently that I had caught some flak for criticizing a certain internet reviewer. Not really from her, but rather the femicunts and beta orbiters she calls fans. One bit that caught my eye from one of the little white knighters was when he described me as "a radical right winger". It never ceases to amaze me how incapable the leftoid sheeple can be when it comes to understanding nuance. I don't automatically bow down to the alter of feminism, so clearly I'm a "right winger". I guess that's why I take such hardcore right wing stances as being for ending all the wars and bringing all of our troops home immediately. Or completely ending the drug war. Or repealing the Patriot Act. Or being against any attempt to ban pornography or other "obscene" material. Or the fact that I largely lean towards a pro-choice stance (I consider abortion to be a murky grey area, so I go with my default of keeping the government out of it). None of that matters apparently, I'm not a feminist, and therefore I'm Rick Santorum.

And why would I be a feminist? How could I be one? Mind you, I'm a libertarian, and part of that libertarianism is that I believe in equality under the law, that all human beings have individual human rights. But that's not what feminism is, at least not modern third wave feminism. Modern feminism is a sad angry joke. Modern feminism is hating Taylor Swift because she actually acts like a girl. Modern feminism is going on TV with tampons on your ears because....ummm...patriarchy?

Modern feminism is Anita Sarkeesian creating a whole series of videos about how Nintendo is sexist because Mario saves the Princess, all the while proving what a strong woman she is by disabling all ratings and comments because negative feedback makes her cry. Modern feminism is putting your menstrual blood on display and calling it "art". Modern feminism is a sad, hypocritical, swirling vortex of madness. Modern feminism fails because it denies a basic truth that is encoded deep into our souls, men and women are different. This is not a statement of one being superior to the other, nor is it denying that there are certainly overlaps and exceptions to the rules. But still men and women are different and to deny that is to deny reality. And once you deny reality, well, next thing you know you go on TV with tampons on your ears spouting a bunch of nonsense.

So no, I'm not a feminist. And I'm damn proud to say that too. Because modern feminism is little more than a glorified mental illness.

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