Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Everything wrong with "dads" in one joke.

I'm certainly not the only one to say this but the new Seth MacFarlane show "dads" was absolutely terrible. But as I watched it the second time it aired on Friday it dawned on me that one of the lame ass jokes sort of summed up everything wrong with the show. In this scene Seth Green's dad is waiting for him in Seth's apartment and the maid is cleaning. The maid is essentially a live action Consuela from Family Guy. Anyways as she's dusting she sees a framed picture of the kid from that Cher movie Mask and asks the dad if it was a picture of him. Now there are several things wrong here, first of all the dad doesn't look like him at all. Not even a little. If we were ripping on Shaun White maybe that would have had a joke there. Also, why does Seth Green's character have a picture of the kid from Mask? It wasn't like he had a ton of movie memorabilia laying around. It wasn't like we established he was a huge fan of that movie, knew the actor, or even his video game company was or had made a game based on it (that might have been funny, a game based on Mask), no it was just an awkward out of place set up for a joke. And what was the pay off? A big nothing. A little smirk out of me and that was it. It's not like we went to great lengths to set up a great joke. That I can forgive. No it was a huge set up for almost no pay off. And that sums up what was wrong with this show.

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