Thursday, September 12, 2013

Geekdom and the new left wing "Moral Majority"

This is going to be something of a long and meandering train of thought, but I hope you'll stay with me as I really feel this needs said. Let me start with a simple statement; Anita Sarkeesian is scum. Now that's obvious to anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty, so I know a lot of you are saying "C'mon Bechtloff, isn't she a bit of an easy target?" Well, yes, but that still doesn't mean she shouldn't be shot down. A lot of people already rip her nonsense apart all over the place, but frankly not enough people can ever do it. Because if us geeks aren't careful, game companies, comic book companies, etc will actually listen to her and those like her. Because while many people rip into her, the fact remains that she does have allies.
And of course the pair of them have Linkara filling the classic roll of a distant Beta Orbiter. Now, let's take a moment to go on a bit of a tangent. I said this would be meandering so please follow along. A couple of months ago a friend started a general nerdery podcast called Getting Gibbed which I and another friend took part. We got three episodes up, but as of right now it seems to be on indefinite hiatus as the orchestrator Nick seems to have lost interest in the project for reasons I don't comprehend. Anyways, on the second episode we talked about old Anita and her nonsense and it ended up being a weak segment despite being such a fertile topic as fellow host Chace just sorta sat there quiet leaving Nick and I to fill his gap so to speak. It's not that he didn't have things to say about Anita, I've heard him rip into her in private. So why so quiet? Well, Chace is not a confrontational guy and he doesn't like upsetting people. But also I think, either consciously or subconsciously, he knew something about geek culture these days, that there is a pretty vicious liberal mafia running through it and daring to not swallow the blue pill can get you some nasty retaliation. Theodore Beale AKA Vox Day was run out of the SFWA for his conservative/libertarian beliefs, Orson Scott Card was finally run off Adventures of Superman due to pressure from gay groups, the list goes on and on.

OK now, second tangent. I'm old enough and have been a politics junkie for long enough to have noticed an interesting political phenomon first hand a couple of times. Every once in a while the left and right will just flip tactics and even positions on things, like a political magnetic reversal. One need only look at the the news right now to see an example of that as we currently have hawkish Democrats debating cautious Republicans over a potential war with Syria. And this liberal mafia in geekdom is an interesting example of that. I remember when it was those on the right, particularly the religious right, who always wanted to censor entertainment. They were the ones, not content with simply changing the channel or not going to that movie etc, who had to silence the things they did not approve of. They had to boycott, they had to picket and protest, even try to get the government to go after the things they deemed "obscene". Now it's the left who screams "This is sexist, that is racist, this is homophobic, that's too violent, etc" at everything. Obviously they have a slightly different metric for what is and is not acceptable than Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority had, but they will attack anything that doesn't fit their standards with an equal, if not greater and more vicious, furry.

Alright, let's bring these different threads together here. What is my point with all this? If you're a geek, be it comics, video games, anime, science fiction, fantasy, whatever, and you are a libertarian, a conservative, or anything other than a blue pill swallowing leftard, they will attack you. Viciously. So you better wake up and start attacking back, because if you're not careful, like the Borg they will assimilate the thing you love and make it suck. Think about it, would you really want to buy a video game Anita wrote the story for? Of course not. It would suck. Don't think you can appease these leftoids, you have to stand up to them. As Picard said We've made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! So please, speak up. Write on Facebook or twitter, or on blogs, or videos on Youtube. Oh, you'll catch shit for it, trust me. Lord knows I have, and I'm still pretty small time (for now *maniacal laugh*). But until people find themselves more concerned with speaking the truth as best as they know it than they are with the possibility that someone might get offended, the future will continue to look bleak. Not just for geekdom, but civilization in general.


  1. Great post. You've summed up how I feel.

    The whole "geek social justice" movement on the places you've mentioned, as well as on sites like Tumblr and Scans_Daily, is just a masturbatory combination of self-loathing and feel good horseshit from angry teenagers who want to be relevant after years of being stereotyped as basement dwellers who live in fantasy worlds. So naturally, they try and look hip by going after other "geeks" (or people relevant to geek fandoms) by whining about how "offensive" things are to them, ironically, by accusing the people they target of being basement dwelling losers who live in fantasy worlds. It's a classic case of projection. Most of them probably never even heard of the things they whine about prior to discovering the internet. The irony about it is that the majority of them, for all their whining about "privilege' and 'opression' they've faced as minorities, the ones who cry the loudest are lily-white rich kids going to college whose only status as a 'minority' is usually bullshit like being a My Little Pony fan or thinking they're the reincarnation of a video game character, or some made-up sexuality like a "Demiromantic asexual".

    And yeah, the attempts to ban or picket things by these people is pretty disturbing. Although really, this is just a problem with liberals in general. Consider for a moment how, even though it's the Republicans who get tagged as "Book-burning, book-banning illiterates" and compared to Nazis, pretty much the only notable books the conservatives have gone after with any zeal for the past two decades have been...Harry Potter books. Liberals, on the other hand, have tried to ban Shakespeare's plays (For featuring "strong women" like Lady Macbeth as villains), To Kill a Mockingbird (Because there's no mention of the NAACP), Huck Finn (Supposedly because any use of the N-word regardless of context can be used as an opportunity for bullies to use the word, although hilariously they then offer up as alternatives books written by black authors that are loaded with the N-word. Yeah, like that would stop the hypothetical bullies), art books featuring classic renaissance paintings because they have nudity in them (Wait, which group is supposed to be the prudes again?), and Fahrenheit 451, because Bradbury's science in his other works is inaccurate.

    Banning of any book is bad in my opinion, even Mein Kampf (And I say this as a Jew, even though I've been an atheist for decades), but tell me, which do you think we should be more concerned with keeping from being banned; a bunch of kid's fantasy books that aren't even 30 years old yet, or books that are the cornerstones of both our culture and the entire world's culture?

    Anyway, while I don't agree with everything I've read on here (I really do think Orson Scott Card is a bigoted creep), it's good to see a fellow fanboy out there who hasn't swallowed the PC Kool-Aid.

  2. Hey, Chris, check this out: - About 12 minutes in.