Sunday, September 29, 2013

Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects #1

Hey remember that shitty Marvel fighting/beat 'em up game EA made a few years ago? Odds are you answered somewhere along the lines of "Kinda". Well it sucked, but did you know it had a comic based on it? That's right, none of the awesome Capcom Marvel fighting games had comics based on them, but this dumpster fire did. No X-men vs Street Fighter comic, no Marvel vs Capcom comic (although now that I think about it, the hardest part of writing an MvC comic would be to establish a "Capcom universe", I mean that would be a universe with Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, and Mega Man all going on in the same world.). Anyways we got none of that, but somehow this failure of a game needed a failure of a comic to go with it. Six issues no less. Let's dive right into the sadness that is issue one.

So what's the story here? Well there's some bald alien dude who is trying to make different species stronger by injected some glowing green shit into them. Meanwhile on Earth Elektra is trying to kill Wolverine for some reason when they're both abducted by aliens. Also Thing and Spider-man are abducted. They get injected with the magic green shit making them "perfect" as the alien says. And by that he apparently means angry glowy green rage zombies.
Sorry for the poor scan, my scanner is a touch small for a two page spread. Normally I would scan the pages individually and put them together, but I refuse to put more effort into the scan than the artist apparently put into drawing it. This comic had sloppy, dark unpleasant art, the writing was boring and uninteresting, with only a shallow at best understanding of the characters. Overall it was just a mess, which in a way makes it a damn good adaptation of the game. This perfectly captures in comic book form the bad taste in your mouth the game leaves you with, so in that regard this comic is truly "perfect".


  1. There technically was a Marvel vs Capcom comic . I think it's only one "issue" though, because I've only ever seen it in the Collector's Edition of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    I think the thought process behind it was that all the Capcom characters were pulled from their individual universes into the Marvel Universe or something.

    Anyway, I remember playing a demo for that Marvel Nemesis game, it was, in fact, balls. it had this weird topdown camera to it, if I recall, like those Ultimate Alliance games or X-men Legends which makes no sense for a fighting game, to me anyways.

  2. ''hey remember that shit ea game..." wow what a to start off a blog the only thing thats shit i that garbage blog and your retarded opinons that nobody cars about this game was medicore but still better that a number of today's games u moron