Thursday, September 19, 2013

Retro Review: Iron Man #55

Thanos is one of the best villains in comics. He is extremely bad ass and surprisingly complex and has long been one of my favorite villains, so when I found a reprint of his first appearance for $2.00 I figured I would take a look.

So in this issue Tony is telepathically contacted by Drax who has been captured by Thanos. He tells them the history of the Titans, as well as his and Thanos' origin and that Thanos has captured him and they're both on base hidden in a remote area on Earth. Drax also warns him that the Blood Brothers have been sent after him by Thanos. That warning came too late as they had already gotten the drop on him and are bringing him back to Thanos. Eventually Drax and Iron Man manage to defeat Thanos, which turns out to only be a robot copy, and they part ways.

A lot of people say Thanos is a copy of DC's Darkseid, and while Thanos did grow into being a much different, and I would say far more interesting character than Darkseid, it's pretty clear that he was meant to be a Darkseid clone at first.
I mean look at him, it's basically Darkseid with a little bit of yellow splashed on him. Also he has that same motivation of wanting to take everything over and be a cosmic dictator, a space Hitler if you will. Very little of the character we all know and love was really in this issue, in fact I thought the history of the Titans was the most interesting thing in this story. Far more compelling than the Thanos we see here or his convoluted plan to kidnap Iron Man for some reason.

Also of note, while the artwork was solid, the coloring was terrible. There were tons of mistakes, making it hard to even read at times. Granted I'm reading a 1992 Marvel Milestone Edition Reprint, but it kept the coloring mistakes intact far as I know, hell it even reprinted many of the ads. In fact the two page ad for NBC's 1972 Saturday morning line up was almost the most interesting part of the whole book. Did you know there was a cartoon called The Barkleys that was a talking dog version of All In The Family?
At least I guess that's what that is. I kinda wanna watch that now. I'm sure it's a piece of shit, but I am curious. As for the issue itself, it truly is only worth reading because it's a piece of comic book history, not because it's a good read or anything. Despite being a huge Thanos fan, it was a little hard to slog through. So unless you're curious, I wouldn't even bother grabbing the cheap reprint, let alone splurge on the extremely expensive original.

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