Saturday, September 7, 2013

Retro Review: Uncanny X-men #346

I mentioned before that there weren't all that many Spider-man/X-men team up stories over the years, certainly not as many as you might think given how huge they both were, especially in the crossover happy 90's. I found this very odd when I was first getting into comics heavily in the mid to late 90's so when I saw this on the shelf I had to get it. I expected a Spider-man/X-men team up and that's not what I got.

The story starts out with Peter Parker at the Bugle as Jameson is rambling on about some crap as he tends to do. They're talking about the upcoming anti-mutant legislation called Zero Tolerance. Then later in the issue Spider-man stops Marrow and some other Morlock girl from trying to kill Henry Gyrich as a protest of Zero Tolerance and then helps Marrow fight off some Sentinels. We have an interlude of Gambit on an alien because that's apparently where the X-men are in all this, and we have a cool interlude of Bastion threatening Jameson in which old J.J. shows some real stones and journalistic integrity.

Now this was by no means a bad issue, in fact it was actually pretty good. But what it's not is an X-men issue. As a kid I went into it expecting a Spider-man/X-men team up but to be fair the cover even says the X-men are missing so that was my young self's fault. I've always been more of a Spider-man fan so I enjoyed it, but I wonder what the X-men fans felt, suddenly Uncanny X-men is basically a lost issue of Amazing Spider-man. Sure it moved the X-men Zero Tolerance story along, but this probably should have been a tie in issue in a Spider-man series. This was the start of Marvel pushing Marrow in a big way for a while, even having her team up with the webhead a few more times. Spider-man fans should definitely check it out, but X-men fans might want to pass on this very not X-men issue of Uncanny X-men.

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