Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Batman/Superman #3.1 (Doomsday #1) and Powerpuff Girls #1

I talked about Doomsday on here before, so I was curious what the New 52 Doomsday would be all about. This issue takes place in flashback with Supergirl, then a little girl on Krypton being told the story of how Doomsday attacked Kyrpton and how Superman's mom, along with Zod defeated it. Also Supergirl's dad reads her a prophecy about how Superman would be killed by Doomsday. And General Zod, who's trapped in the Phantom Zone at this point is somehow haunting Supergirl and threatening to kill her.

This issue was a big nothing and it really told me almost nothing about the villain it was supposed to be about. From what I gather Doomsday is pretty much the same, except with a much more over designed, kinda "Image Comics"-y look to him, but then that's the New 52 for you.
I was a huge fan of this show back when it was on. It was a loving parody of all things super hero and just wonderful all around family fun so I figured it would be worth getting. And it was actually pretty damn good. The story has the girls defeating Mojo Jojo for the umpteenth time which causes him to take a good long look at all his failures and by the end of the issue he asks Professor Utonium to create an Antidote X to take away his super genius so he would no longer be haunted by his failures.

This was a fun little nostalgic read, but I think I might wait for the trade before I read anymore. $3.99 for a book where half of it is ads is a bit much. Seriously the last 9 pages were ads.

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