Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review of the Week: Detective Comics Vol 2 #23.2 (Harley Quinn #1)

One of the biggest casulties of the New 52 was Harley Quinn. Oh she's still here, but only in a way that really misses the point of the character. So this issue spotlighting her spins off from the events of Forever Evil #1 with Harley leaving that villain meeting held by the Crime Syndicate to go bomb around in Gotham for a while. Literally. Most of this issue however shows her recounting her origin. Only in New 52 Joker is almost incidental to it. She still was a doctor at Arkham, but she assumed the Harley Quinn identity to pose as an inmate to try and reach her super villain patients more. After a fling with the Joker which opened her eyes to how chaos is awesome, or something, she became a real villain. Also we see how she assembled that hideous outfit of hers, and it turns out part of it she stole from a hooker. Makes sense.

So whereas once Harley Quinn was a cautionary tale of the dark rabbit hole that chasing after a degenerate bad boy can lead a girl, now it was the love of her work and not a man that really drove her to this. Fuck, did Anita Sarkeesian write this or something?

I miss when DC didn't suck a bag of dicks, I really do.

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  1. I think maybe it is you that have missed the Harley Quinn point. In only one of the Harley Quinn creation tales does her insanity come from something done to her. In the rest, she choose to be this way. It is the choice to be this way that makes her character so lovable. This new Harley Quinn series is pretty awesome if you love seeing the ins and outs of her living her choice. I am glad that she left her obsession behind for now so we can see what her life is like on its own.