Saturday, September 21, 2013

The sexism of Pong.

As I watched a few more of Anita Sarkeesian's videos I started to think maybe she's right. Maybe video games are oppressing women. But I think she has overlooked one of gaming's earliest, and perhaps most insidious examples of misogynistic overtones, Pong.

Now some of you misogynistic radical right wingers who's minds are still stuck in that old boy's club mentality probably can't even see it. You naively imagine that Pong is merely a crude digital representation of tennis, but open your minds. You see those lines aren't paddles or tennis rackets, but rather they are obviously phallic symbols. And the dot is clearly a woman who has been so marginalized and disenfranchised by a culture of sexism it has stripped her of all identity rendering her just a little dot, a ball in this game played by men. Over and over again our oppressed victimized "Dot" tries to escape this torment, only to find her path blocked by a large white obelisk (I suspect there is a racist component to this as well which we will explore another time). The phallus then violently deflects her, no doubt sexually assaulting her in the process, and forces her to careen towards the other player who continues this cycle of violence. Pong is nothing more than two men having a competition to see who can rape a woman the most.

I'll be launching a Kickstarter soon to explore this issue in greater detail. I hope you'll all donate.


  1. You're so right man. Gaming was always about oppressing women, even Tetris!

    All you do in Tetris is build a tower of patriarchy. The more holes (get it? They meant women!) you have unfilled the more problems you will face. It is all subconscious contempt for women.

    Except for Shaq Fu, that was contempt for all humanity.