Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #20

Well this might be one of the most misleading covers of the year. You might think that Ock-Spidey would end up being seduced by Black Cat or something along those lines in this issue right? Nope.
And then he leaves her webbed up for the cops with her vowing revenge. I gotta admit it was pretty gansta of him the way he made such short work of her. As for the rest of this issue Ock-Spidey is close to getting his doctorate and even gets a loan to start a company but his professor accuses him of stealing his thesis from the late Otto Octavius. Also Carlie is about ready to go to the Avengers with the evidence she has that Ock-Spidey is really Doc Ock. Things are unraveling at all ends for poor Ock-Spidey, and if that wasn't bad enough Doc Ock's old girlfriend Stunner is looking to avenge her fallen lover.

This series has teased for a little while that things were coming to a head, but it's about time they really do. I'm enjoying the Ock-Spidey saga but it really needs to start wrapping up, this can't go on long term, nor should it. I hope this has a satisfactory conclusion to it. Mean time it remains a fun ride. And seeing that hobag Black Cat get a tooth knocked out just made me laugh.

Well, that answers that question.

I'm a pretty big fan of the Hellraiser movies. Sure some of them kinda sucked but I feel like the mythos and concept on the movies is pretty brilliant, the way it delves into the boundaries between despair and ecstasy. But when I saw there was one out without Doug Bradley as Pinhead I figured it probably wasn't worth seeing. Well, over at The Null Zone, Cameron seems to think the same thing after watching it. Good to know, guess I'll steer clear.

Oh who am I kidding, it's Hellraiser, I'll probably end up watching it anyways.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The lies just aren't working anymore.

Sometimes I just love the internet. I swear it's gotta be up there with the wheel, fire, and the gun on the list of game changing inventions. Thanks to the magic of the internet the lies of our media and our elite just don't hold the sway they used to. Recently eHarmony put up a list of the 15 reasons you should date a single mom. Now, I've already made my contempt for single moms clear, but what struck me about this wasn't the typical horseshit in the article itself, but rather the comments below it. A few choice comments were.

 Maybe she'll spend food stamps on you

 I would rather be prison raped.

 Article brought to you by the author of "15 Reasons to Purchase a Car That's Been in an Accident"

There were a few commenters agreeing with the article and trying to shame all the negative commenters, but the vast, and I mean VAST majority were negative. Despite a massive medial campaign on the part of the blue pill swallowers, most men instinctively know to flee from a single mom. It seems that the past few decades of brain washing, impressive though it's been in scope and intensity, ultimately just can't compete with a powerful combination of millions of years of evolution combined with thousands of years of Judeo-Christian Western morality that tells a man deep in his soul that a woman who gets herself knocked up by some asshole is not a suitable long term mate.

The red pill revolution continues to pick up steam, trampling all the pretty lies and feel good bull shit in its path.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Retro Review: Amazing Spider-man Annual #28

I mentioned before that Carnage is easily one of my favorite Spidey villains. His Joker-like nihilism works so well against Spider-man's idealism, so I figured it would be worth taking a look at one of his better stories.

This story takes place shortly after the events of Maximum Carnage. Carnage is being taken back to a lab where they think they can purge the symbiote from him. Predictably he escapes, even with Spidey there to try and stop him. Carnage decides to hunt down his old childhood friend Billy to kill him for the simple fact that no one would see that coming and Carnage loves chaos. Spidey manages to track him down but Carnage knocks him into some industrial glue which slows him down. Billy however says that Cletus would never do this and it must be the symbiote controlling him. To prove him wrong Cletus makes the symbiote go dormant to kill Billy as just plain old Cletus. This however had given Spider-man enough time to get free plus leaves Cletus vulnerable to a good old fashion punch in the face which drops him like a sack of crap. This being a double sized annual there are some back up stories, the only one that isn't totally forgettable is one about the Rhino and his relationship with his mother which was a pretty solid character study.

This was a damn good Carnage story, in fact the only better Carnage stories were the two Carnage one shots in the 90's. This explored Carnage's twisted philosophy and even gave a bit more back story to Cletus. If you like Carnage you definitely need to check this out and if you don't like Carnage you still should, it might not change your mind on the character, but it might at least show you why people do like him.

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog

Well in these Genesis reviews I've looked at Sonic Spinball, the pirated Sonic Megamix, and what is in my opinion the best Sonic game ever, the combined Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. So why not take a quick look at the one that started it all, Sonic the Hedgehog.

There's not all that much that can be said about Sonic 1 that hasn't already been said. It's one of the most important games in the history of video games. It wasn't perfect. I thought the Marble Zone was terrible and really kills the momentum of the game with it's tedious level design, but Spring Yard Zone still brings a smile to my face. But what really surprises me is how well it holds up, even to this day.

As a kid I always felt Super Mario Bros. 1 really didn't hold up after 2 and 3 came out. I would go back to playing the first one sometimes after playing three and it was amazing how boring the first one was compared to it's sequels. But Sonic 1 always held up. Sure Sonic 3 was far superior, but Sonic 1 always remained something you could go back to and thoroughly enjoy. I do still hate the Special Zones in Sonic 1. I could never get more than 3 or 4 of the emeralds so I never got the good ending when I beat it. Still since there was no Super Sonic back then it didn't matter for game play.

I'm certainly not the first guy to say this but if you own a Genesis there's no reason not to own this game.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Curse of Chucky (2013)

Man, I really dropped the ball on reviewing horror movies this Halloween season. But I can't let an October go but doing at least a few. You should check out The Null Zone this month for tons of horror reviews.

Anyways this movie starts with a mysterious package being delivered to the house of wheel chair bound Nica and her mother Sarah. The package turns out to be none other than Chucky. Neither know why he was sent or who sent it, but just figure it must have been a mistake. Chucky of course kills Sarah and makes it look like an accident. The death of Nica's mother brings Nica's sister and her family consisting of a daughter, a husband, and a live in nanny. Also they bring a priest, Father Frank.

Without giving too much away Chucky manages to kill all of them except Nica and her young niece. When a cop shows up Chucky goes into doll mode and Nica is assumed to be the killer and ends up in a nuthouse. Also we find out that back when he was alive Chucky had killed Nica's father and attacker her mother while she was pregnant with her, resulting in her lifetime paralysis.

This was a pretty damn good horror movie. I've always had a soft spot for this franchise, and Chucky used to scare the shit out of me as a kid, but even I have to admit the movies aren't that good. The first one had a lot of potential but I just felt like the poor acting from the kid in that movie really sucked the air outta the room. The later sequels which had become parodies were decent enough horror comedies, but this is the first one I felt really succeeded at being scary. Sure there were more than a few cheap jump scares in this, but there were also a lot of really intense suspenseful moments. Early in the film everyone is eating chili for dinner. We see that Chucky had put rat poison in one of them but we have no idea which one and it's a very tense scene.  Also of interest, the woman playing Nica was Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky. She's a pretty solid actress though, in fact this whole cast was pretty solid and the characters were also pretty well fleshed out and three dimensional. In fact there was one twist involving the nanny that genuinely surprised me, although you might catch on now that you know there's something up with her. All and all this was a damn solid horror flick and easily the best of this franchise. I give it a solid four and a half games of Hide The Soul out of five.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Justice League #24 and Mega Man #30

This issue starts with Krypton in its final moments in the Crime Syndicate's universe. Some as of yet unknown force is destroying Krypton so Jor-Il sends his son Kal-Il to Earth. Along the way the Kal hears the recording teachings of his parents on how he must be strong and weakness is to be despises and destroyed. Once on Earth he crashes outside the home of the Kents, who are a mutually abusive couple. He tells them they will be his parents after burning John Kent's hand off. Eventually at the age of 7 he kills them. He briefly touches on the history of the Crime Syndicate and how their Earth was destroyed by the same thing that took Krypton, so they came to the New 52 Earth. After that flashback Ultraman checks in on the Daily Planet to see what it's like on this Earth, after terrorizing them Jimmy Olsen activates his Superman signal watch which attracts of all people Black Adam and the issue ends with Ultraman and Adam fighting.

One of my favorite Crime Syndicate stories was Kurt Busiek's Syndicate Rules. In it Busiek established the twisted morality system that guided the Syndicate's world. It was basically a mafia style favor bank system. I thought that was brilliant as the thing I always had the most problem with after reading JLA: Earth 2, which premiered the post Crisis on Infinite Earths Crime Syndicate was how could a world full of nothing but assholes not tear itself apart. This take on the Syndicate's world seems to jettison that in favor of something closer to a law of the jungle, pretty much pure Social Darwinism. The problem with that is I fail to see how any real level of civilization could rise from that.

This was a pretty solid issue, in fact it's easily one of the best New 52 issues I have read. Of course that's sort of like being the smartest kid on the short bus. There were a lot of interesting things here, and it was amusing to see both sets of Superman's parents portrayed as complete shitbags. Still, as is often the case with New 52, I feel like this version of the Syndicate just isn't as compelling as the pre-New52 version.
So last issue ended with Mega Man and his team of Robot Master buddies taking of a few of the Robot Masters working for Ra Moon. This issue we have some fights, followed by Mega Man managing to convince some of the Robot Masters still loyal to Wily that Ra Moon must have turned on him, including my personal favorite Wood Man, and then, well, not much really happens other than Mega Man and his group catch up to Break Man AKA Proto Man and then we see some other Robot Masters are under Ra Moon's complete control. This issue felt like a lot of filler to be honest, not a bad issue, but not much to talk about. I do like that we're doing a story where Dr. Wily isn't the bad guy, or at least is just as much a victim. I was always annoyed in the game when they would act like it wasn't Wily at the beginning only to find out it was Wily all along like anyone was surprised. Nice to see the comic break out of that rut. Other than that not much to say here, still a solid read but a bit of a filler issue.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude!

I vaguely remembered this game from when I was a kid. A friend of mine had it and I used to play it when I was at his house sometimes. So when I saw this at my local used game store for only a measly $1.99 I figured it would be worth getting. I mean hell a soda at the gas station nearly costs that much. The game opens with out hero crashing into a beach after a killer wave. He finds he has a mysterious pendant around his neck he can't take off and suddenly a hot chick in a bikini shows up and dumps a shit ton of exposition on us.
She explains that you need to find all the pieces of Aztec gold to remove the cursed pendant and that while you're wearing it animals around you will go ape shit and try to kill you. The game in in many ways a clone of the Pitfall series. Everything from the animals that attack you to the vines you swing on just remind you of Pitfall. But there is also a lot of originality here. The surfer dude style of the game is very entertaining. The reggae inspired music is just great and you use a frisbee as your primary weapon. And in between all the stages you fly to the next stage on your pedal copter with gives you a nice little power up collecting stage between the levels. Also I love the design of the pedal copter.
The puzzle solving and platforming elements can be challenging at times, but this game is never stingy about power ups and food to restore your health so its a great game for some casual, relaxing after work platforming. No one seems to talk about this game or remember it all that much but it's probably one of the best games in the Genesis library. If you have a Genesis or an emulator you need to get this game. I have no idea if this is available on a virtual console, I don't do digital only content, but I frankly doubt it is as this seems to be a lost classic. Still you should make an effort to at least get in on an emulator. I give it a solid four and a half killer waves out of five.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Captain America and the Avengers

Captain America and the Avengers is your basic sidescrolling/beat 'em up type game where you play as Cap or one of three other Avengers and fight your way down a street or corridor. All the characters play the same with punch and kick attacks, as well as a projectile attack. Cap throws and infinite number of shields, Hawkeye shoots and infinite number of arrows, Iron Man has his repulsor blasts and Vision has his eye lasers. So in some ways it's pretty much like that classic X-men arcade game, except with the Avengers but minus the cool special attacks. And since I love the Avengers way more than the X-men I should love this way more too right? Right? Well, I don't. In fact it kinda sucks.

As soon as you get to the title screen you hear a horrible sounding voice say "The Avengers!". Holy shit I hate the voice work. I have a hard time describing it frankly. It's both kinda fruity sounding and also, due to the limitations of the Genesis, and I suspect a bit of laziness on the part of the game designers, rather distorted. So right away it sounds like my game is possessed by an effeminate demon. Also I should note that Vision is in his all white costume in this. I get that that's what Vision looked like at the time this game was designed, but it makes for a rather boring character to look at while playing, so in spite of Vision being a personal favorite character of mine I find myself rarely picking him. I wish they would have gone with his more classic look or just another character. Why not Thor? Then you can have the big three on here. After you pick your character you get text telling you the plot and this further indicates the lack of thought put into this game. It says that Red Skull has assembled an army of super villains. OK fair enough, but it says he used his wealth to do this, then it says he used a mind control device. So wait, is he paying them, or brain washing them? Maybe it just means he used his wealth to get the device built? I don't know, we're not even playing yet and the plot is already convoluted.

The voice work continues to be some major suckage throughout this game. Whenever you're hit your character yell "Noooooo!" in a way that makes me want to jam q-tips in my ears. The music is rather forgettable and the graphics are OK but not great. To the game's credit there are a lot of different villains but overall the game just feels like the designers didn't give a shit. This has none of the heart of the X-men Arcade game. I realize this is a console port and not the arcade version, but lots of Arcade games made fine console games. Turtles in Time for the SNES looked great. And fighting games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat were just fine on Genesis, so I really can't imagine the arcade game is really all that better. So despite all the cool characters terrible sound effects and an overall sense of not giving a fuck really drag this game into the gutter. All and all I give this game a measly one infinitely respawning shield out of five.

Friday, October 18, 2013

20/20, and the shot heard 'round the Manoshpere.

Later tonight 20/20 is going to do a hit piece on the 'manosphere' and how it hurt the feelings of Anita Sarkeesian and other dirt bag misandristic feminists. My man Aurini did a far better job of dissecting this over at his blog than I'm likely to do so I just thought I'd take a moment to share some of my thoughts on 20/20 and what it used to mean to me.

This might sound odd, but I watched 20/20 even as a kid. I always had an interest in watching the news and would watch 20/20 after all those family comedies that ran under the "TGIF' banner on ABC whenever I was actually able to stay awake that late. In my middle school years 20/20 used to actually be on at the same time as new episodes of Beavis and Butthead. I was the only kid I knew who chose the latter. 20/20 used to have real journalists on there, guys like John Stossel and Hugh Downs. Stossel's reports were especially amazing and extremely ballsy for a mainstream media show.

To see that this is what 20/20 has become, doing hit pieces of bloggers who actually have the balls to expose anti-men bigots like Sarkeesian. It truly makes me sad.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review of the Week: Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion.

So after the big villain meeting hosted by the Crime Syndicate in Forever Evil #1, Captain Cold and the rest of the Rogues decide to split that scene and head back to Central City. Once they get there they find it's in ruins, apparently Grodd has trashed the place. They make their way to the hospital to check on Lisa, Captain Cold's Sister and Mirror Master's girlfriend. Once there the group is attacked by a group of d-list villains I've never heard of who are there to destroy the hospital and the rest of Central City on the Syndicate's orders. After the Rogues spank those losers Deathstorm and Power Ring of the Crime Syndicate show up and say the Rogues have defied the Syndicate and the penalty is death.
This should make for an interesting fight next issue and I'm glad the writer resisted the urge to use Johnny Quick, the evil Flash for this confrontation. I've always liked stories that put the Rogues in the role of unlikely and reluctant anti heroes. They might be criminals, but much like a mafia they will defend their city from outsiders who would destroy it. Especially with the life of a loved one in the balance. I enjoyed this tie in and look forward to the next issue.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Taz-Mania

I fucking hated this game. I mean it, this game produced an almost immediate visceral hatred in me as soon as I started playing it. I guess I should explain that though.

I reviewed Taz Escapes from Mars on here before. That was a fun game minus one level I thought was a ridiculously hard ball buster that almost ruined the whole thing for me. So I figured it might be worth checking out it's predecessor Taz-Mania. This game isn't so much based on the classic Loony Tunes cartoons like Escape was but rather the Taz-Mania show from the early 90s. I remember watching that show but I never liked it. I'm not sure why, I would have to go back and watch episodes again to figure out what turned my young self off to it. But that's not what I hated about this game. No, I hated the controls. I don't know how to describe them to you but they just feel broken. Everything about how Taz moves just feels clunky and slow. I didn't have any of these problems in the second game. Also the graphics aren't quite as polished as the second one, but I guess that's to be expected.

I honestly didn't get past the first level. I suppose I could have put the time into it to get the hang of the shitty controls but nothing about this game made me even want to. By the way, that egg on the cover with the beak sticking out, doesn't that look like the Howard the Duck movie poster?
Much like that movie, this game in an unpleasant mess. The story of the game is Taz is actually looking for that egg from a giant bird to make a big omelette. Not that it matters, as I'd rather eat a toasted shit sandwich than play this game all the way to the end. Steer clear of this Genesis abortion.

So what if she's lying?

Earlier today I had a little twitter fight with someone apparently named Michael McNinch about that piece of filth Anita Sarkeesian. During which I told him she's not a gamer, there is video of her saying she doesn't like games, and I mentioned that she stole her game footage from Let's Play videos without giving credit, indicating she never even played the games in question. So what was the response of this "proud feminist" once I showed him his queen bee was deceiving him?
Now the point of this isn't necessarily to pick on this little leftist white knighter, no it's to show the insanity of him and his kind. The modern feminist, especially the males in their ranks (notice I said males not men, there are no men in the modern feminist movement), is able to rationalize and ignore unpleasant truths with a cloud of self deception that even the most hardcore religious fanatic would have a hard time mustering up. When her lies are exposed, Anita's fans argue that the lies somehow don't matter. Oh, and of course that you're sexist for pointing it out. I talked on here before about how dangerous this feminist and "social justice" movement within geekdom is. These people cannot be reasoned with. Make sure you understand that when engaging them. The point in countering their arguments is not to try and change those that are that far down the rabbit hole, it's to try and keep them from dragging others down with them. Because as I said before, if we do not stand up to these lunatics, the future looks bleak, both for geekdom and civilization in general.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Guess it's a bad day to be a parasite.

I was at my local grocery store today and saw this at the front door. It has apparently happened in a few states, not just mine. Awww man, you mean people actually had to buy food with their own money, oh the horror. Hang on, I'll get my violin.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review of the Week: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

I have to admit I was against the Superman/ Wonder Woman pairing when it was first announced, and I still kinda am as I really don't buy that Wonder Woman would be all that into a guy like Superman. Batman would seem a more fitting love interest or hell, even Aquaman (he is a king after all). Plus I don't like that DC split up Clark and Lois. But that's just part of DC and Marvel's never ending battle against marriage. I will say however that a lot of interesting possibilities are opened up with these two being a couple and it's one of the few major changes the reboot gave us that I don't think is an absolutely terrible idea.

The story of this issue is mostly a lot of talking. Both Clark and WW are talking to supporting characters from their books I don't recognize because I don't read WW or the Super books. Sorry but I gave up on them a while ago. Anyways the two of them are on a date later and Diana says she's gonna help teach Clark how to actually fight, which should make for an interesting exchange between them later. Anyway the two get called by the Justice League to go investigate a hurricane that had some "strange readings". Supes goes underwater to try and cool the convection center of the storm and is attacked by something. That something turns out to be Doomsday and he surfaces to attack Wonder Woman.

Really that was about it. It wasn't a bad start to this series but it wasn't great either. Really there's not much to say. I mean this book was OK and it's still one of the best DC books out there. Man they gotta get rid of Dan Didio.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure.

They're tiny, they're toony. Tiny Toon Adventures was one of my favorite shows as a kid, so when I saw this at the used game shop I figured it would be worth a shot. This turned out to be a pretty decent 16 bit platformer. In it you play as Buster and fight your way through various levels with a Mad Scientist boss (who was from the show but I forget his name) who has a different Tiny Toon character brainwashed to attack you each time. Along the way you collect carrots, when you get 50 you get an icon that allows you to summon a Tiny Toon character to kill all the enemies on the screen at that time.

There were a couple of major problems with this game though. First of all I really didn't like the controls. Buster just felt slippery in his running and walking. Almost like you were playing a damn ice level. Also when you jump you have to hold the jump button to get him to jump the whole way. If you let it go his jump stops short very suddenly like he hit an invisible ceiling. It takes some real getting used to. Also there is an over map, sort of like Super Mario World, and there are hidden level along the way, but there is no save feature and that's kind of annoying. I must admit I've had this for over two weeks now and still haven't beat it as I just haven't felt like plowing through the whole game in one sitting. Mind you it's not like it's that long, but I like my cartridge era platformers to be casual. I like to play it for 15 minutes or so then do something else then come back to it. Also, a bit of a minor complaint but it seems like you could have easily added Babs Bunny as a second player character to give this game a two player option. In the game you're both looking for a treasure and rescuing Babs from Montana Max. You could have just easily gone with the treasure plot, that's all the story this game needed. At the risk of sounding like that scumbag Anita Sarkeesian, this is actually one game that would have benefited from not having the "damsel in distress" plot in it. Still, that's a minor complaint compared to the other two problems.

Had this had a save feature, better controls, and maybe a two player option, this would have been a fantastic platformer. As it stands though it's still pretty good and definitely worth checking out for anyone with fond memories of the show.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wait a second, does Mega Man have rocket boots? Why can't he fly?

Something dawned on the the other day as I was dusting and moved the one Mega Man action figure I have. What's on his feet? Does he have rocket boots like Iron Man? Why can't he fly then? Anybody know what those are or what they do? Just wondering.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Retro Review: Static #1

Milestone was a little comic company started in the 90's by a handful of black comic creators that ended up being published under DC. The most well known is of course Static due to having a pretty successful cartoon and eventually finding his way into the DC universe. So let's take a look at issue one shall we?

Our story starts with a young girl named Frieda going to a local arcade. There she is attacked by the 5 Alarm Gang who's leader, a villain named Hotstreak, wants to spend a little quality time with her. Static then shows up and spouts some super dope fresh lingo or whatever.
So Frieda gets rescued by Static, who unbeknownst to her is her best friend (friendzoned?) Virgil. She even calls Virgil to tell him and he of course acts surprised. The next day in school Frieda is kidnapped right out of class by the 5 Alarm Gang and brought right to Hotstreak.
Ooooo look she flipped him off. Truly this urban flavor comic pulls no punches people. So it seems Heatstroke, sorry I mean Hotstreak (Heatstroke is a better name) now wants her to get to Static, which works as he shows up and the two of them fight for a while. Once Static unmasks Hotstreak he recognizes him which surprises him allowing Hotstreak to get the best of him and beat the crap out of him. He leaves Frieda and the half conscience Static telling them he doesn't want to see either in town ever again. Frieda unmasks Static to see that it's her friend Virgil.

Milestone founder, the late Dwayne McDuffie, used to often lament that Milestone was seen as the "black comics", a title he thought was completely unfair despite the company being founded by all black creators and this being the initial line up of it's characters.
Yeah Dwayne, you're right, I don't know where anyone would ever get that idea. Look if a bunch of black creators want to make comics about black superheroes, I by no means begrudge them that, but don't act like that's not what you're doing. And when you got your hero wearing a Malcolm X hat as part of his costume and spouting urban gansta dialogue like he's the star of a mid 90's UPN sitcom, don't be shocked when the white kids don't want to read it.

All that being said, I actually kinda enjoyed Static #1, despite the fact that I'm clearly not the intended audience. The dialogue is rough, just a constant stream of Fresh Prince style one liners, many of which are funny but the book is just over saturated with them. But even with it's flaws, this book had a lot of charm and I can see why Static became a cult classic while the other Milestone characters faded into obscurity. The artwork is a little amateurish, but in a way that had a lot of heart, sort of like the old Evil Ernie or early TMNT. Static is a likable character and the cliffhanger at the end kinda makes me want to check out issue two. Who was Hotstreak that Static recognized him? Now that Frieda knows Virgil is Static will he get out of the friendzone? If you find Static in a dollar bin, which is usually where I see Milestone comics, I would check it out. It's not great, but it's not bad either.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Single moms are NOT heroes.


It's about time we all dispense with the feel good horseshit and acknowledge something only the most intellectually dishonest amongst us doesn't already know deep in their core, single moms are trash. Now mind you, I'm not talking about the woman who's husband died or ran out on her, no I'm talking about the dumb single bitch who got herself pregnant. And don't give me that "It just happened" nonsense. You didn't catch getting pregnant like you catch the flu. No, you went out and you fucked some guy even though you knew you probably shouldn't, you didn't have him wear a condom or use any other birth control, and you didn't even have him pull out. And I'm willing to bet you if you got knocked up, odds are you did that more than once didn't you? And then rather than get in touch with an adoption agency so that the kid ends up in an emotionally and financially stable home with a mother and a father, you decide to just keep it. You've likely doomed yourself and this kid to poverty, you're probably going to be sponging off of my tax dollars, and now because this kid has no father and an idiot for a mother it is all the more likely to be huffing paint under an overpass 15 to 20 years from now. Thanks bitch. Thanks for giving the world another fatherless bastard. Just what our society needed.  

And even if you do have your shit together, which your series of bad choices that lead up to this point seem to indicate otherwise, it still doesn't change the fact that kids need fathers. So despite what our decaying culture might tell you stupid sluts, you're not "heroes" you're a damn social plague and you're monstrous irresponsibility borders on child abuse.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You're not watching Aurini? Are you sure you know how to use youtube?

During the whole Breakpoint mess a couple months ago I discovered Aaron Clarey's blog Captain Captialism, which is a great blog and you should check it out, but through there I discovered Davis Aurini.

Aurini does a series of Youtube videos on politics mostly that are simply amazing. His political leanings are mostly conservative, but not in the modern Rick Santorum kind of sense. In fact he probably shares more in common with a hard core libertarian like myself than someone like Sean Hannity or James Dobson, or Santorum. He's said more than a few things in his videos I've disagreed with, but even then I can appreciate having my views challenged in a thoughtful and insightful way (although I grow more and more convinced that I'm in a very small minority that regard, most people only want to have someone agree with them and give them an intellectual stroke job).

He is of course painted as a monster by his leftoid critics, but I've had the pleasure of chatting with him a bit online and from what I can tell nothing could be further from the truth. He seems to be an extremely pleasant good natured guy. He did a video which should be of interest to my comic book loving readers on Bane from the recent Batman movie which actually had me looking at that movie in a whole new light. Also I love his video on how social conservatives miss the point. And of course he had a rather amusing twitter fight with Lindsay Ellis over her hanging out with that scumbag Anita Sarkeesian.

So check out his Youtube channel. You might not agree with him, but he'll at least make you think.

Review of the Week: Forever Evil #2

If you haven't already check out my review of issue one. This issue is a bit slower in pace from the last one. The Syndicate spends a lot of time talking over what their next moves are. This bores Johnny Quick and him and his girlfriend Atomica go out looking for trouble and they proceed to spank the Teen Titans. Meanwhile we see that Superwoman is pregnant with Owlman's child and Ultraman may or may not know. Also we see Lex Luthor wakes up his unfinished Superman clone Bizarro to help fight the Syndicate. At the end we cut to S.T.A.R. Labs where a beaten up Batman and Catwoman bring in a badly damaged Cyborg and Batman says the rest of the League "didn't make it".

This was a pretty good follow up to issue one. It slowed down the pace a little but in doing so allowed us to learn a lot more about the Syndicate and their inner dynamic, as well as what has happened to their homeworld. I especially like that they kept the weird cuckold-y love triangle between Superwoman, Owlman, and Ultraman. The only real downside to this issue is it reminded me what an absolute mess the New 52 has made of the Teen Titans. All and all though this is definitely worth checking out.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here's a comedy break for you folks. No need to thank me.

Maybe you had a bad day today, maybe traffic was bad and your boss was an asshole, well to cheer you up. A woman recently married herself. Big old ceremony with all her friends invited and everything.

The marriage took place among friends and family who were encouraged to "blow kisses to the world" after she exchanged rings with her "inner groom", My Fox Phoenix reports.

Ha. I wonder what the divorce will be like. This nonsense was too good not to share. So enjoy. And don't feel the least bit bad about laughing, because after all, if you gotta watch Rome burn you might as well enjoy the show.