Friday, October 18, 2013

20/20, and the shot heard 'round the Manoshpere.

Later tonight 20/20 is going to do a hit piece on the 'manosphere' and how it hurt the feelings of Anita Sarkeesian and other dirt bag misandristic feminists. My man Aurini did a far better job of dissecting this over at his blog than I'm likely to do so I just thought I'd take a moment to share some of my thoughts on 20/20 and what it used to mean to me.

This might sound odd, but I watched 20/20 even as a kid. I always had an interest in watching the news and would watch 20/20 after all those family comedies that ran under the "TGIF' banner on ABC whenever I was actually able to stay awake that late. In my middle school years 20/20 used to actually be on at the same time as new episodes of Beavis and Butthead. I was the only kid I knew who chose the latter. 20/20 used to have real journalists on there, guys like John Stossel and Hugh Downs. Stossel's reports were especially amazing and extremely ballsy for a mainstream media show.

To see that this is what 20/20 has become, doing hit pieces of bloggers who actually have the balls to expose anti-men bigots like Sarkeesian. It truly makes me sad.


  1. I was the same way. It's a bit of a betrayal, ain't it?

  2. UPDATE: Apparently the story was postponed. 20/20 just ran a murder porn story instead.