Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure.

They're tiny, they're toony. Tiny Toon Adventures was one of my favorite shows as a kid, so when I saw this at the used game shop I figured it would be worth a shot. This turned out to be a pretty decent 16 bit platformer. In it you play as Buster and fight your way through various levels with a Mad Scientist boss (who was from the show but I forget his name) who has a different Tiny Toon character brainwashed to attack you each time. Along the way you collect carrots, when you get 50 you get an icon that allows you to summon a Tiny Toon character to kill all the enemies on the screen at that time.

There were a couple of major problems with this game though. First of all I really didn't like the controls. Buster just felt slippery in his running and walking. Almost like you were playing a damn ice level. Also when you jump you have to hold the jump button to get him to jump the whole way. If you let it go his jump stops short very suddenly like he hit an invisible ceiling. It takes some real getting used to. Also there is an over map, sort of like Super Mario World, and there are hidden level along the way, but there is no save feature and that's kind of annoying. I must admit I've had this for over two weeks now and still haven't beat it as I just haven't felt like plowing through the whole game in one sitting. Mind you it's not like it's that long, but I like my cartridge era platformers to be casual. I like to play it for 15 minutes or so then do something else then come back to it. Also, a bit of a minor complaint but it seems like you could have easily added Babs Bunny as a second player character to give this game a two player option. In the game you're both looking for a treasure and rescuing Babs from Montana Max. You could have just easily gone with the treasure plot, that's all the story this game needed. At the risk of sounding like that scumbag Anita Sarkeesian, this is actually one game that would have benefited from not having the "damsel in distress" plot in it. Still, that's a minor complaint compared to the other two problems.

Had this had a save feature, better controls, and maybe a two player option, this would have been a fantastic platformer. As it stands though it's still pretty good and definitely worth checking out for anyone with fond memories of the show.

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