Sunday, October 27, 2013

Retro Review: Amazing Spider-man Annual #28

I mentioned before that Carnage is easily one of my favorite Spidey villains. His Joker-like nihilism works so well against Spider-man's idealism, so I figured it would be worth taking a look at one of his better stories.

This story takes place shortly after the events of Maximum Carnage. Carnage is being taken back to a lab where they think they can purge the symbiote from him. Predictably he escapes, even with Spidey there to try and stop him. Carnage decides to hunt down his old childhood friend Billy to kill him for the simple fact that no one would see that coming and Carnage loves chaos. Spidey manages to track him down but Carnage knocks him into some industrial glue which slows him down. Billy however says that Cletus would never do this and it must be the symbiote controlling him. To prove him wrong Cletus makes the symbiote go dormant to kill Billy as just plain old Cletus. This however had given Spider-man enough time to get free plus leaves Cletus vulnerable to a good old fashion punch in the face which drops him like a sack of crap. This being a double sized annual there are some back up stories, the only one that isn't totally forgettable is one about the Rhino and his relationship with his mother which was a pretty solid character study.

This was a damn good Carnage story, in fact the only better Carnage stories were the two Carnage one shots in the 90's. This explored Carnage's twisted philosophy and even gave a bit more back story to Cletus. If you like Carnage you definitely need to check this out and if you don't like Carnage you still should, it might not change your mind on the character, but it might at least show you why people do like him.

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