Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #20

Well this might be one of the most misleading covers of the year. You might think that Ock-Spidey would end up being seduced by Black Cat or something along those lines in this issue right? Nope.
And then he leaves her webbed up for the cops with her vowing revenge. I gotta admit it was pretty gansta of him the way he made such short work of her. As for the rest of this issue Ock-Spidey is close to getting his doctorate and even gets a loan to start a company but his professor accuses him of stealing his thesis from the late Otto Octavius. Also Carlie is about ready to go to the Avengers with the evidence she has that Ock-Spidey is really Doc Ock. Things are unraveling at all ends for poor Ock-Spidey, and if that wasn't bad enough Doc Ock's old girlfriend Stunner is looking to avenge her fallen lover.

This series has teased for a little while that things were coming to a head, but it's about time they really do. I'm enjoying the Ock-Spidey saga but it really needs to start wrapping up, this can't go on long term, nor should it. I hope this has a satisfactory conclusion to it. Mean time it remains a fun ride. And seeing that hobag Black Cat get a tooth knocked out just made me laugh.


  1. What was your opinion of superior 17-19...

    1. Well for the most part I liked them. It was good to see S-man 2099 again. Honestly I didn't have all that much to say about them, and there were a lot of other books to talk about those months so I didn't do reviews.