Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Justice League #24 and Mega Man #30

This issue starts with Krypton in its final moments in the Crime Syndicate's universe. Some as of yet unknown force is destroying Krypton so Jor-Il sends his son Kal-Il to Earth. Along the way the Kal hears the recording teachings of his parents on how he must be strong and weakness is to be despises and destroyed. Once on Earth he crashes outside the home of the Kents, who are a mutually abusive couple. He tells them they will be his parents after burning John Kent's hand off. Eventually at the age of 7 he kills them. He briefly touches on the history of the Crime Syndicate and how their Earth was destroyed by the same thing that took Krypton, so they came to the New 52 Earth. After that flashback Ultraman checks in on the Daily Planet to see what it's like on this Earth, after terrorizing them Jimmy Olsen activates his Superman signal watch which attracts of all people Black Adam and the issue ends with Ultraman and Adam fighting.

One of my favorite Crime Syndicate stories was Kurt Busiek's Syndicate Rules. In it Busiek established the twisted morality system that guided the Syndicate's world. It was basically a mafia style favor bank system. I thought that was brilliant as the thing I always had the most problem with after reading JLA: Earth 2, which premiered the post Crisis on Infinite Earths Crime Syndicate was how could a world full of nothing but assholes not tear itself apart. This take on the Syndicate's world seems to jettison that in favor of something closer to a law of the jungle, pretty much pure Social Darwinism. The problem with that is I fail to see how any real level of civilization could rise from that.

This was a pretty solid issue, in fact it's easily one of the best New 52 issues I have read. Of course that's sort of like being the smartest kid on the short bus. There were a lot of interesting things here, and it was amusing to see both sets of Superman's parents portrayed as complete shitbags. Still, as is often the case with New 52, I feel like this version of the Syndicate just isn't as compelling as the pre-New52 version.
So last issue ended with Mega Man and his team of Robot Master buddies taking of a few of the Robot Masters working for Ra Moon. This issue we have some fights, followed by Mega Man managing to convince some of the Robot Masters still loyal to Wily that Ra Moon must have turned on him, including my personal favorite Wood Man, and then, well, not much really happens other than Mega Man and his group catch up to Break Man AKA Proto Man and then we see some other Robot Masters are under Ra Moon's complete control. This issue felt like a lot of filler to be honest, not a bad issue, but not much to talk about. I do like that we're doing a story where Dr. Wily isn't the bad guy, or at least is just as much a victim. I was always annoyed in the game when they would act like it wasn't Wily at the beginning only to find out it was Wily all along like anyone was surprised. Nice to see the comic break out of that rut. Other than that not much to say here, still a solid read but a bit of a filler issue.

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