Sunday, October 13, 2013

So what if she's lying?

Earlier today I had a little twitter fight with someone apparently named Michael McNinch about that piece of filth Anita Sarkeesian. During which I told him she's not a gamer, there is video of her saying she doesn't like games, and I mentioned that she stole her game footage from Let's Play videos without giving credit, indicating she never even played the games in question. So what was the response of this "proud feminist" once I showed him his queen bee was deceiving him?
Now the point of this isn't necessarily to pick on this little leftist white knighter, no it's to show the insanity of him and his kind. The modern feminist, especially the males in their ranks (notice I said males not men, there are no men in the modern feminist movement), is able to rationalize and ignore unpleasant truths with a cloud of self deception that even the most hardcore religious fanatic would have a hard time mustering up. When her lies are exposed, Anita's fans argue that the lies somehow don't matter. Oh, and of course that you're sexist for pointing it out. I talked on here before about how dangerous this feminist and "social justice" movement within geekdom is. These people cannot be reasoned with. Make sure you understand that when engaging them. The point in countering their arguments is not to try and change those that are that far down the rabbit hole, it's to try and keep them from dragging others down with them. Because as I said before, if we do not stand up to these lunatics, the future looks bleak, both for geekdom and civilization in general.

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