Monday, October 28, 2013

The lies just aren't working anymore.

Sometimes I just love the internet. I swear it's gotta be up there with the wheel, fire, and the gun on the list of game changing inventions. Thanks to the magic of the internet the lies of our media and our elite just don't hold the sway they used to. Recently eHarmony put up a list of the 15 reasons you should date a single mom. Now, I've already made my contempt for single moms clear, but what struck me about this wasn't the typical horseshit in the article itself, but rather the comments below it. A few choice comments were.

 Maybe she'll spend food stamps on you

 I would rather be prison raped.

 Article brought to you by the author of "15 Reasons to Purchase a Car That's Been in an Accident"

There were a few commenters agreeing with the article and trying to shame all the negative commenters, but the vast, and I mean VAST majority were negative. Despite a massive medial campaign on the part of the blue pill swallowers, most men instinctively know to flee from a single mom. It seems that the past few decades of brain washing, impressive though it's been in scope and intensity, ultimately just can't compete with a powerful combination of millions of years of evolution combined with thousands of years of Judeo-Christian Western morality that tells a man deep in his soul that a woman who gets herself knocked up by some asshole is not a suitable long term mate.

The red pill revolution continues to pick up steam, trampling all the pretty lies and feel good bull shit in its path.

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