Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You're not watching Aurini? Are you sure you know how to use youtube?

During the whole Breakpoint mess a couple months ago I discovered Aaron Clarey's blog Captain Captialism, which is a great blog and you should check it out, but through there I discovered Davis Aurini.

Aurini does a series of Youtube videos on politics mostly that are simply amazing. His political leanings are mostly conservative, but not in the modern Rick Santorum kind of sense. In fact he probably shares more in common with a hard core libertarian like myself than someone like Sean Hannity or James Dobson, or Santorum. He's said more than a few things in his videos I've disagreed with, but even then I can appreciate having my views challenged in a thoughtful and insightful way (although I grow more and more convinced that I'm in a very small minority that regard, most people only want to have someone agree with them and give them an intellectual stroke job).

He is of course painted as a monster by his leftoid critics, but I've had the pleasure of chatting with him a bit online and from what I can tell nothing could be further from the truth. He seems to be an extremely pleasant good natured guy. He did a video which should be of interest to my comic book loving readers on Bane from the recent Batman movie which actually had me looking at that movie in a whole new light. Also I love his video on how social conservatives miss the point. And of course he had a rather amusing twitter fight with Lindsay Ellis over her hanging out with that scumbag Anita Sarkeesian.

So check out his Youtube channel. You might not agree with him, but he'll at least make you think.

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