Monday, November 18, 2013

How dare you think differently! That hurts my feelings!

That scumbag Anita Sarkeesian put out another video today. I might take the time to point out all that's wrong with it in another post, but that's not what I want to talk about right now. As you might know one of Anita's allies is Lindsay Ellis AKA Nostalgia Chick. I talked about that before on here. Well she had this little tweet today.
Oh man, you mean that there are people who would dare to disagree with Ms. Sarkeesian? But...but...don't they know that makes them sexist? Those assholes need to check their privilege. Just to make sure no such evil mean "opinionz" make it to her twitter feed Lindsay followed it up with this tweet.
A "blockin' sorta mood"? When are you not in that sorta mood? Isn't that just how you leftists and especially feminists roll? This is very telling of the kind of people these social justice crusaders are. Don't ever think they're just well meaning people who have a different "opinionz" than you. I've made that mistake before and you'll only be disappointed. They will "debate" in the most personal and vile ways possible, but they sure as hell can't take like they give. If you dare to criticize them in the slightest, even as politely as possible, they'll scream, call you names, attempt to shame, and of course block you, ban you, whatever. Let Lindsay's "blockin' sorta mood" here serve as an example of just what sort of vile degenerate people these leftoids are. Completely unable to debate their side in an adult manner.


  1. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it isn't a piece of shit. And if you want to have a debate "in an adult manner" without "name-calling" or personal attacks, maybe don't write things like "liberal B.S." or start out your blog post by calling Sarkeesian a scumbag?

    1. I knew one of Lindsay's white knights would find his way here. Sarkeesian is a scumbag and if you can't or won't see that you haven't an ounce of integrity or intellectual honesty. She is a lying moralizing busybody scam artists. The proven lies she has been caught in should be enough that no one should defend her.

    2. "It isn't name-calling and personal attacks when I do it" ~ You

    3. Keep White Knighting my friend, I'm sure eventually one of these maidens will let you have a sniff.

    4. Look man, if you honestly defend Sarkeesian despite her proven lies, there is no point in making a logical argument to you because you haven't any intellectual honesty. Pearls before swine and all that. But unlike people like Anita or Lindsay, I'm not afraid of your comments. I'm not gonna scream that you're picking on me, block you, or any of that other cowardly shit. You and the rest of the social justice faggets can run your mouth here all you like. Doesn't bother me.

    5. Is this a joke? You're just ignoring everything I write, and piggybacking on my comments to springboard to your favourite talking points. No one was defending Sarkeesian's content. No one implied that you would block people. My entire comment boiled down to "It's funny that you decry personal attacks and name-calling because you use them yourself."

      You responded by calling me a "white knight" and a "fagget". I'm torn. I genuinely do not know if this is a brilliant piece of performance art, or whether you actually have the self-awareness of a potato.

    6. Actually what I was really decrying the most was an inability to take what they give. Leftists love to call people who disagree with them "racist" or "sexist" or some other "ist" but immediately hide behind the block button or cry victim when the same happens to them. It isn't the name calling in and of itself that bothers me it's the cowardice. If you want to actually have a discussion we can do that, if you want to name call we can do that too. Given that you started your first comment implying my opinion was a piece of shit I assumed you wanted to do the latter.

      Yes I called out Lindsay for not debating her side in an adult manner. Because part of doing that, the biggest part really, is actually facing your critics. Whether you do that with logic or humor or a combination of both, at least have the spine to do it. That was the biggest point of this post.