Friday, November 8, 2013

Petition to Present Legitimate Criticism of Anita Sarkeesian

I thought some of my readers would want to get in on this. Youtuber Jordan Owan started this petition to get various mainstream and geek culture media outlets to "Acknowledge and Present Legitimate Criticism of Anita Sarkeesian".

Given that both gaming and mainstream media outlets have extolled Ms. Sarkeesian’s viewpoint uncritically, we feel that it is time to demand that our voices be heard.

Go sign this petition. Tweet it to others, put it on Facebook, email it, just sign it and pass it on people. The time has come to hold this lying scumbag accountable.


  1. Said the little bitch who hides behind anonymous comments. Honestly why do I even allow anonymous comments? If you don't have the stones to put your name on it why should I listen to you?