Thursday, November 28, 2013

Retro Review: JSA #54

Well happy Thanksgiving everyone. And what better way to celebrate than a Thanksgiving get together with the JSA and the JLA. So the two teams are getting together and the issue starts with Batman and Mr. Terrific talking, Batman stating that this social gathering is a bad idea and as having all these heroes together would be a magnet for a villain attack. And sure enough the building is attacked by two loser villains I've never heard of, Kulak the Sorcerer and Ys the Warlock. Their attack has destroyed the table with all the food so the heroes beat their asses and then order several dozen pizzas. And of course at the end Batman says "I told you so.", because Batman is kinda a dick like that.

And that's about it. There really isn't much to this issue at all plot wise. But that's not to say this is a bad issue, it's full of several wonder character moments, such as a drunken Wildcat mouthing off to Wonder Woman for example. Geoff Jones did some really amazing things at DC during the 2000's and this issue is a damn good place to start and see why so many loved his JSA run.

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