Saturday, November 30, 2013

Retro Review: Primal Rage #1

Ahhh Primal Rage. I poured many a quarter into this arcade classic. Primal Rage was just your standard fighting game, but with giant ape monsters and dinosaur like beasts. Sort of like a fighting game version of Rampage. The story to the game was that natural disasters had rocked the world back into the stone age and awoken these ancient monsters, who all now each have their own cult of humans worshiping them. One of the things I remember from the game was there were people in the background worshipping you as you fight and you could eat them to regain strength. That always amused the hell out of me. Anyways the game was popular enough to get a comic book, so let's take a look at issue one.

The issue starts with a quick recap of how things got to this point, as told by the leader of the cult that worships Blizzard, the white Yettie monster on the cover. He says that the "Maker of all" saw the wickedness of man and sent various natural disasters to send man back to the stone age. Then He awoken from the Urth (Earth's new name) the various monsters of this game and comic to rule over man as gods.
The rest of the issue centers around a conflict between the cults of Armadon and Diablo resulting in a fight between the two.
Diablo ends up winning and our issue ends with the leader of Blizzard's cult begging him to get involved to stop Diablo.

This was a pretty solid issue with decent writing and art. Fighting games aren't the easiest to translate into more linear story structures, but this did a decent enough job. Really the biggest flaws were with the monsters themselves, they looked cool, but even the ones showcased it was hard to get any real feel for their motivations as characters. Sure we have the human cult leaders speaking for them. but I wonder at least if they're just putting words in the mouths of creatures who might not even be that intelligent. It seems like it could be that these "cult leaders" are really just manipulating these monsters for their own ends. But perhaps I'm putting too much thought in a comic book based on a fighting game I remember mostly for being able to eat people. Still if you have fond memories of this game you should check out this comic. Also on the back was a pretty damn cool ad for the game's soundtrack.
Holy shit how can you not love that 90's style order of extra cheese. He's got sunglasses and a boom box for Odin's sake. I wish I could get that on a t-shirt.

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